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A new look at adventure photography with Wild Voyager

As travellers, we sisters are always looking out for accessories that will make our travel life easier. Our main aim while travelling is to capture as many pictures as possible so that we can share them with everyone. Over the years camera has become one of our trusted companions while travelling. While we are on an adventure or a wildlife safari, we try and make sure that our camera is safe and also that we capture pictures with the minimum of disturbance. In order to make this possible, Wild Voyager has brought out two amazing products, which we are sure every photography enthusiast will love.

1.Camera Rain and Dust Cover

Well, this product is truly a life (camera) saver while you are outdoors clicking pictures in the rain or maybe dusty surroundings. The Camera Rain and Dust Cover is designed to protect both the camera and the lens and has adjustable straps at the ends so that you can fit the camera tightly.

Camera Cover
What we like about the Rain Cover is that they have different sizes for the cover ranging from small to extra large based on the length and circumference. One also has a choice to select the size of the Dust Cover depending on the focal length of the lens. The cover also a provision to connect a tripod to the camera through a zip located on the bottom of the cover and weighs just about 100-200 gms. The Rain and Dust cover is an ideal accessory if one intends to do photography while it’s raining or in other extreme weather condition.

Price: Rs. 900 – Rs. 1200

2.Waterproof Camera Bean Bag

The Waterproof Camera Bean Bag is another product by Wild Voyager that we feel is a highly recommended accessory if one planning a jungle safari. It is often not possible to hold your camera for long durations or keep still while you are in a moving vehicle. The Beanbag provides the required base for the camera and makes it possible to click perfect pictures. The Beanbag is made of Military tent grade material and has rice/lentils as fillings inside. The fabric of the bag makes it highly durable making it waterproof and also spill proof.

The Bean Bag size is perfect for 400mm, 500mm, 600mm and 800mm lenses making it perfect base for all your telephoto lenses.

Price: Rs. 1100.00


Both of these products according to us is an ideal purchase if you are looking forward to protecting your camera from dust and rain also to make your camera and its lens long lasting as it provides full protection and while capturing the best moments of safari the Waterproof Camera Bean Bag provides the ultimate stability in capture clear images.

You can also check more products by Wild Voyager here.

This post is written in Collaboration with Wild Voyager, however, our opinion is our own.

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50 thoughts on “A new look at adventure photography with Wild Voyager

  1. Hi Guys, good post. A normal filter can be very useful to save the lens from scratch, dust and water. I also suggest silicone bags to protect the camera and lens from moister.

  2. It always amazes me the amount of patience and work that photographers will go through to get that one shot. They are certainly qualities that I admire in others, even if I don’t have them myself.

    1. Hahaha, we are with you on not trying enough like the photographers to click the best shots. Although we do intend too, but we just don’t have the same determination.

  3. I like both products especially the first one. It looks multi-purpose and I like the design of the fabric. I am sure that any camera would be well-protected by using this.

  4. I guess us iphone snappers forget how much there is that goes to making a great shot. Looks like you have mastered it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these things

  5. Looks like good gear to protect your valuable camera gear. No body has time for wet and dusty camera gear! Did you take this gear on an adventure?

    1. Unfortunately, we came across these products after we were done with our Tanzania Safari. It would have made our life so easier if we had it with us.

  6. I was not knowing of these camera protectors. Thanks for your post for giving nice information on how to protect camers while shooting on adventure safaris. I like those Dust filters.

  7. First of all that camera is so huge, we mean the LENS is so huge! Look at its rain/dust cover too? That’s nuts! We simply can’t compete and will never be able to travel with such equipment though!

    1. Agree with you on traveling around with large camera equipment, it’s just too much.But the photography passionate cannot imagine their life without these :).

    1. Hahaha yes, when you are determined to capture the best picture, one might not hesitate to take any kind of trouble.

  8. Very useful products. Surely the camouflage cover should be very useful in photographing wildlife, which are naturally wary of human beings. A bean bag for camera was something I never imagined but it does look like a good idea if you have a big, full-frame model.

  9. I’m not there yet with my photography and any camera accessories, but it is nice to read. Thank you for sharing. I will be back in Africa soon!

    the Round the World Guys

  10. Both the products look good and a great buy for the professional photographers. Never heard of a bean bag before. 🙂

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