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Things to do in Hong Kong: Part one

Although we have been on numerous trips together, with family and friends, Hong Kong was our first trip where it was just us two sisters exploring and enjoying a new place. With its eclectic mix of history and modern lifestyle, Hong Kong, aptly called as Asia’s World City is a pure delight to the people who love food, fashion and sightseeing. We loved Hong Kong the minute we landed on the island. Beautiful people, amazing tall structures, great food, perfect transportation systems, there’s no reason to not to love Hong Kong.

Our 5-day trip to Hong Kong, Kowloon and Lantau islands was filled with exploring the bustling city life and it’s soaring skylines, temples and finally raiding the street markets and the malls. Midst the sightseeing we also managed to enjoy the famous Hong Kong cafes “Cha Chaan Teng” and bit of vegetarian Cantonese cuisine.

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During our visit, we stayed in Kowloon, as it was easier to commute from here between Hong Kong and Lantau islands. Kowloon with its fair share of tourist attractions kept us busy on the first two days. We have come up with the list of places that can be covered mostly by walk since they are close to each other.

1. Enjoy the high tea at the Peninsula Hotel

Things to do in Hong KongThe first thing we decided to enjoy in the city was the famous British style afternoon tea at the Peninsula. One of the oldest hotels in Hong Kong, Peninsula is a combination of colonial and modern structure. The beautiful hotel lobby entertains a high tea in the afternoon that takes you back to the city’s colonial era. Also if you are lucky you can manage to find the hotel’s signature green customized Rolls Royce Phantoms parked at the hotel entrance.

2. 1881 Heritage         

Things to do in Hong Kong

Things to do in Hong KongFormer Hong Kong Marine Police headquarters, which is now beautifully restructured into a luxury shopping center and a heritage hotel, is a perfect place for photo shoots. One will also get to see the declared monuments such as the Time Ball Tower, signal cannon and the display of Hong Kong’s cyclone warning signals.Things to do in Hong KongThings to do in Hong Kong

Things to do in Hong Kong
Signal Cannon

3. The Railway Clock Tower

As you walk towards the Kowloon Pier from the 1881 Heritage, you come across another declared monument of the city, The Clock Tower. Part of the former Kowloon-Canton Railway Terminus, the Clock Tower is a historical landmark which is a must visit in Hong Kong.

Things to do in Hong Kong
The Clock Tower

4. Walk through the Avenue of stars  

Things to do in Hong KongThings to do in Hong KongThings to do in Hong KongThings to do in Hong KongThe Hong Kong’s Walk of Fame at the Victoria Harbor Waterfront is one of the famous tourist attractions. It is in honor of the Hong Kong film industry describing the 100 years of the cinematic history inscribed in the red pillars and the plaques of celebrities consisting of handprints and autographs. Although we failed to recognize the celebrity names, as we were not familiar with the Chinese film industry, we were quite proud of ourselves when we recognized the famous Bruce Lee bronze statue. Walking along the waterfront will give you the picturesque view of the Hong Kong Island.

View of the Hong Kong Harbour from Avenue of Stars

Things to do in Hong Kong

Things to do in Hong Kongthings to do in hong kong5.  Symphony of lights

Thing to do in Hong Kong
Symphony of Lights

The beautiful synchronization of Music and lights highlighting 45 building across the Victoria harbor is something you cannot miss during your visit to Hong Kong. It is one of the world’s largest permanent light and music show, displayed every night at 8 pm for about 15minutes and is absolutely unique. The waterfront will be thronging with people to watch the show, so we would suggest you arrive much before in advance to ensure a perfect spot to enjoy the whole show. Watching the mesmerizing light and sound show is definitely a must do while in Hong Kong.

6. Enjoy drinks at the world’s highest bar: Ozone

things to do in Hong Kong
Sisters at the Ozone Bar

Situated at the 118th, The Ozone Bar at the Ritz Carlton offers you a spectacular view of the city as you sip cocktails at the open terrace bar. We reached just in time to enjoy the symphony of lights and were lucky to grab seats, which offered great view. However, we would suggest you go there before sunset as its easier grab a good spot and enjoy both the day and night view of the city’s skyline.

Note: There is also Sky 100 Observation Deck at the 100th floor of the same building where you can enjoy the 360-degree view of the city. We missed out on this one as we had already planned on going to Ozone.

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  1. Great blog I am a avid traveller myself having travelled across the globe but never recorded my experience in such a eloquent way. Good going keep it up.

  2. That was an extensive and beautiful tour to Hongkong. Even I am tempted to visit the place.
    P.S. Looking at the pictures of you two, I am missing my trips with my sister a lot. Gonna share this blog with her! 🙂

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