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8 Amazing things to do in Germany


It would be a daunting task to decide on which country to visit in Europe as each one is beautiful and adventurous in its own way. Germany is one such amazing country that pops into our mind when we think of Europe and most of them would definitely agree with us as it has a plethora of things to do and see. So, if you are planning a trip to Germany then here is why you need to do it soon:

Lush greenery

Germany is definitely gifted with some of the breathtaking landscapes from beautiful meadows to spectacular mountain ranges. If you are visiting Germany during the summer then you would find nothing but greenery everywhere dotted with picturesque villages which just adds extra charm to the beauty of this country. Do not miss on visiting the world famous Black Forest of Germany which is filled with stunning hills, gorgeous lakes, and towns. Also, let’s not leave out the gorgeous Bavarian state of Germany, the one which attracts the most tourists for its charming towns, rich culture and diverse heritage. 

Picturesque Bavarian views

Fairytale castles

The words “Fairytale castles” goes synonymous with this country as there are over 20,000 enchanting castles spread across, most of them built amid the German woods or high on the hill, which sets them perfectly in a picturesque site, hence we know why they are often referred to as Fairytale castle. It’s just not the beauty of the surroundings where these castles are built but also the splendid architecture which also adds extra charm to these castles and has to lead many Disney movies to get inspired by them in their movies. 

Pretty medieval towns

The idyllic charm of the German’s famous medical towns like Heidelburg, Rothenburg, Lubeck, Lindau, Bamberg and so on will never seize to amaze its visitors with its unique beauty. With their colorful and iconic half-timbered buildings, beautifully preserved medical structures (although most of them were damaged during the war), cobblestoned streets and market squares, quaint cafes and restaurants these little towns boast nothing but prettiness and romance in every corner. 

River cruise 

This is by far the best way to explore the scenic countryside of Germany by sailing along the Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Elbe or Main rivers. These river cruises take you along the some of the majestic castles and forts, valleys, medical towns and modern cities and scenic vineyards. You can choose either to opt for long or short cruises and both are guaranteed to offer you a fascinating experience with the most scenic beauty of Geman river valleys. 

Vibrant festivals

Witness the fun, lively and exuberant atmosphere in Germany by attending at least one of their many marvelous festivals. Whether you are a book lover or a beer lover or just want to experience magical German Christmas Markets, Germany has everything for all sort of traveler.  


Luxury Automobiles

Since Germany being the home for some of the world’s most luxurious automobile manufacturers it hosts ample of museums showcasing centuries of exemplary creations. Automobile enthusiasts can experience the ride in some of the world fastest cars and also get a closer look at the groundbreaking innovations, fantastic engineering locally is done in German.  

Best nightlife

Every major city in Germany is filled with clubs and bars which boast a thriving nightlife playing a wide range of music right from jazz to finest techno by some of the well-known DJs in the world. So put on your best dancing shoe as you get to party till the dawn and get lost in the labyrinth of German pubs and bars slipping some of their finest beers and cocktails. 


Germany being a country with beautiful landscapes and with their passion for technology, it is a perfect adventure land for those seeking some adrenaline rush and some nature time. One would have an unforgettable nature experience in Germany’s great outdoors where you get to camp in its wilderness surrounding the mountains, go skiing in some of the famous skiing destinations or enjoy the rugged coastline Baltic and the North Sea. 

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Amazing things to do in Germany

Do you wish to visit Germany someday? What would you like to do when you visit this gorgeous country? Do let us know your thoughts about Germany in the comments below!! 

48 thoughts on “8 Amazing things to do in Germany

  1. You have listed all valid points for Things to do in Germany. Lush green greenery, medieval towns, fairytale castles, and technology museums make Germany feasible for all tastes. I love Vibrant festivals and therefore many beautiful festivals of Germany are also worth visiting.

  2. I really love visiting Germany, and yet to see so many things. I’ve still not done a river cruise, so this would be top of my list. And a big yes to the fairytale castles, they’re so breathtaking and something right out of a book.

  3. Sounds to be an beautiful and adventurous place. I am planning to travel germany next month and i will definitely going to do these things. I have bookmarked the article for future references. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article.

  4. Germany indeed has so much to offer from cities to forests to historic towns. It’s a great holiday destination I must say with so much of choice. Fir me a clear winner is the castle of Neuschwanstein castle and is on my list to visit. Another great plane is the Bavarian mountains and valleys. Perfect holiday spots and thanks for sharing.

  5. Germany is not very popular among tourists like other European countries. But you have captures the beauty of it in a unique way, I love to see castle because of my fascination with history and art. The lush green areas have different shades in it and this makes the place more interesting. Definitely, a must visit.

  6. My friend and her family moved to Germany 4 years ago and now she is adopted to the new environment and lifestyle. Germany is one of the awesome place to visit in Europe and full of genuine stories, and remains of the past. I would love to have a souvenir photo of those castles!

  7. Sadly, I’ve only been to Frankfurt, which wasn’t the most exciting city in Germany. But your post inspired me to really make an effort and see other places in this country! What is your favorite city??

    1. More than the cities we love the German countrysides and alps and mountains. Next time you are in Germany you have to visit these and you won’t be disappointed..:)

  8. Germany is definitely on my bucket list and and these are some amazing things you have listed. Am gonna pin this post so that i can use it for my suture trip to Germany. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge

  9. When I was younger, I backpacked through Germany. I got to stay in castles that were also hostels. That was pretty cool. It looks like you captured a lot of what makes Germany a great place to visit.

  10. I love Germany too. Was there in May earlier this year. And yes, I loved those fairytale castles and the lush green scenery. Definitely, a great place to be. I would add some amazing food to my list too. 🙂

  11. Although I went to Berlin last year, I still haven’t sampled hardly any of the things you’ve listed – not even the nightlife! I made friends with some German girls when I was last on holiday in Turkey, and I would love to go and visit them to explore more areas of Germany, so maybe I can suggest some of these things and see what they think about me paying a little visit 😉 x

  12. Germany is beautiful indeed! Full of great places to do outdoor adventures. But I think one of the must-visit places for me is their tank museum. I’m an avid modeler, and one of my favorite modeling subjects is making miniatures of German WW2 tanks.

  13. I totally wish to visit Germany soon. This winter I am coming to Berlin from December 28th to January 1st. the activities you mentioned to do in Germany are really nice. But can you be specific what can be done exactly in the winter time in Berlin?

  14. I’ve been to Germany many times, but yet seen a fairytale castle! What’s wrong with me! It’s really a wonderful country to visit, and with so many great sights to see. I’ll definitely check out nightlife and river cruise the next time I’m there.

  15. Been to Germany quite a few times and would definitely go back! Even if it’s just for the Christmas markets!! There’s also a Teledisko in Berlin which is hilarious and you need to look it up if you haven’t already!

  16. Over 20000 castles and that too amidst the woods! This is what captured my attention. If not for anything else, I am so inclined to visit Germany to see these castles! And I would also love to try out skydiving there. Germany definitely looks beautiful and a great country to visit.

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