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Glamping with Tanzania Bush Camps, Serengeti

A safari experience is incomplete if one has not stayed in a Safari camp at least for a night and enjoyed (or maybe even spooked) being close to all the wildlife. When I visited Serengeti National Park earlier this year, my husband and I decided to include camping as part of our tour package with Easy Travel, Tanzania. I was excited as well as scared at the prospect of staying in the midst of the Savannahs surrounded by wild animals. But the experience of glamping with Tanzania Bush Camps, Serengeti was nothing like I envisioned before I started the trip.

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Checking in

Tanzania Bush Camps Serengeti
We reached the camping site early evening, after completing our game drive in the National Park. We were heartily welcomed by the Camp staff with warm smiles and freshly made mango juice and delicious samosas. Once the check-in formalities were done, we were quickly briefed about the camp facilities and also their safety guidelines. ย The staff gave us strict instructions on not to wander around the camp premises once itโ€™s dark without the assistance of camp members (like I would have dared to walk out when there is a lion prowling ;)) and provided us with torch lights and whistles for emergencies.

Tanzania Bush Camps Serengeti

The stay

Tanzania Bush Camp has in total of 10 tents for its guests that are located on either side of the Lounge and Dinner tents. We were allotted a tent at the far end of the camp and at a glimpse all the tents looked similar in size and structure. The interior of the tent was artfully made, with some local showpieces used to decorate the room giving it a cozy feel. Our tent was very spacious with aย large four-poster bed, a writing table and a comfy sofa. The ensuite bathroom was yet another delight for me for it had a sink, which looked more like a dressing table, shower cabin (with hot water provided on request) and a toilet.

Tanzania Bush Camps SerengetiTanzania Bush Camps SerengetiTanzania Bush Camps SerengetiTanzania Bush Camps SerengetiTanzania Bush Camp SerengetiTanzania Bush Camps Serengeti

It is hard to believe that a tent can be designed so luxuriously in the wilderness of Serengeti National Park. Although my sleep was disturbed a couple of times due to animals howling or strolling close by our tent, which made me super alert and scared. The mornings were beautiful as we were up early to watch the sunrise, with giraffes and deer lounging close by making it a perfect start to our day in the National Park.

Tanzania Bush Camps Serengeti

Tanzania Bush Camps Serengeti
Beautiful sunrise
Tanzania Bush Camps Serengeti
Just as beautiful sunset
Tanzania Bush Camps Serengeti

The lounge area and the dining rooms were equally luxurious and had all the facilities one might need during their stay at Serengeti. The camp uses solar power for electricity supply, and Wi-Fi service is available only in the lounge area.

Food and Hospitality

During our two-night stay at the camp, we were served with some really delicious vegetarian meals. On my request for local food, the chef made us a special meal of red beans curry, raw banana curry, chapatis (flat bread) accompanied with local beer.

Tanzania Bush Camps Serengeti
Dining Tent

The staff at Tanzania Bush Camps made our stay equally memorable with their perfect service, heartwarming smiles and their happy to help attitude. I could happily go back there just to enjoy their hospitality again and yes, to relish on the delicious food.

Tanzania Bush Camps Serengeti

Our time at the Tanzania Bush Camps was nothing but a relaxing and memorable stay, which is what we both were looking forward to. The Tanzania Bush Camps team strives to provide perfection in everything and I must say luxury camping in the wilderness cannot get better. The stay was part of the package of Northern Circuit Safari organized by the Easy Tours and I highly recommend the camp if one is planning a safari at Serengeti National Park.

The stay was part of the package of Northern Circuit Safari organized by the Easy Travel and I highly recommend the camp if one is planning a safari at Serengeti National Park.

To know more about Tanzania Bush Camps click here.

Tanzania Bush Camps

Tana Springs, Serengeti National Park

Northern Tanzania

Tel/Fax: +255 (0) 27 254 3242

Tel/Mob: +255 (0) 759 635713

Tel/Mob: +255 (0) 782 464225


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45 thoughts on “Glamping with Tanzania Bush Camps, Serengeti

  1. Tanzania Bush Camp seems like a great place to visit the Serengeti. Your photos really capture the look of the place, and I love the sunset photos. This is one trip I’d like to do!

  2. Glamping seems to be the way to travel in Africa these days. I’ve only gone “regular camping” (pitching my own tent, cooking over a fire etc.) but I can see the appeal of these comparatively luxurious digs. I hope they are administered responsibly and don’t affect the wildlife too much.

  3. I would love to do a trip to Tanzania and stay somewhere like this, to be so close to nature while I slept! I can’t believe how luxurious those tents are, it’s practically like staying in a hotel. The only thing that would concern me is having lions roaming around while I slept!

  4. I have always wanted to try Glamping but to do it in Tanzania would be even more amazing. I have stayed in Tanzania but it was in a hut made of poo ๐Ÿ™‚ It didn’t sell though but it was definitely a different experience. I would love to go back and Bush Camps at Serengeti Tanzania look wonderful. I could easily sit back in that lounge area and gain some inspiration and the rooms like even better than most hotels.

  5. I love glamping in Africa…done it in Kenya and in Tanzania. Your tent looks so comfortable and its great being close to nature. I would love to stay in a camp the next time I go to Africa again…Serengeti is on my bucketlist for sure.

  6. I am desperate to go on a safari in Africa – whether it be Tanzania or SA or Kenya! I can’t believe how luxurious the interior of that tent is, and the food that they cooked up for you sounds delicious. Will bookmark this for a future trip!

  7. Wow this looks incredible. I would love to glamp in Tanzania and do a safari. The tents look very cosy and comfortable. I’ve always heard very favourable reviews of this experience in the African wilderness.

  8. This looks like the trip of my dreams so I am bookmarking for when we plan our safari next year. Serengeti National Park is absolutely on the list, but more so the idea of glamping out in nature really thrills me!

  9. That camping site looks pretty modest from the outside, but the interiors are so luxurious! The fourposter bed and the cozy sofas are not something one expects while camping. Glamping with an edge in Tanzania…something to try at least once!

    1. Totally agree with you Punita! I was stunned when I saw the interiors of the tent as I was not expecting anything like this.

  10. No doubt the place looks awesome to stay in but I am in love with the whole wildlife landscape. And your pictures add so much zing to it. I have been wanting to do Tanzania for a variety of reasons but so far no luck, Fingers crossed!

  11. This makes me more excited for our safari in a month. We have the option of spending one night out in the wild sleeping under the stars with a watchman nearby. We have opted not to at this point but we may be reconsidering that now.

  12. Such an awesome experience! I have tried Glamping in the UK but it was a tad to wet to really enjoy! Tanzania would be an awesome place to try! thanks for sharing, will check this place out when we get around to visiting Tanzania!

    1. Have done camping in the UK as well, I have to admit it was a similar experience for me as it was raining the whole time I was there.

  13. Glamping looks more fun with the details of your experiences. It’s nice that you had a rent of such comfy nature to yourself. Everything in Tanzania Bush Camp would pass for me but the restriction of WiFi to the lounge area….. But that’s all good together.

    1. I agree! I was a bit disappointed when I got to know there was no WiFi service in the tent, but it was good in a way as we took a break from using our mobiles.

  14. This is so cool! Doing a safari has always been one of my dreams, so I definitely understand why you’d like to stay as close to the wildlife as possible. The Tanzania Bush Camps look great, I bet it was an incredible experience!

  15. Serengeti must have been super fun. The tent looks very comfortable.
    I totally agree with you where you say that one must live in the jungles to experience the real thrill of wildlife. I have done camping twice but never inside jungle.

  16. Glamping sounds like the best way to go. It looks really comfortable or as comfortable as camping in the bush can get. Being surrounded by wild animals must have been quite the experience. I like the sound of the meals you had there. That was nice of them to make you something vegetarian.

  17. WOWW! What a wonderful experience. I love camping, how much more if I would camp there and see the amazing animals in that Safari Camp. The scenic view of sunrise and sunset and the beautiful landscape of Tanzania are really awesome. The tent looks fancy and elegant. This is truly an adventure which is one of a kind. Thanks for sharing.

  18. This must have been a rewarding experience ๐Ÿ™‚ We have never done a Safari …really look forward to doing one ๐Ÿ™‚ your pictures are really awesome…and did u say local brewed beer? wow! we love to try out local beer during our travels…:)

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