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The sunny town of Brighton

The resort town of England, Brighton had been on my must visit list since the time I came across some beautiful pictures of its vibrant streets and cobble stoned beaches. Brighton unlike any other city of England is unique and charming in its own way and I fell in love with this charming place the second I had the first glimpse of it.

BrightonAn hour and half hour train journey from London, Brighton is a perfect summer weekend getaway if you are looking forward to embrace the sun and make most of the British summer. I visited this gorgeous town in mid August and was totally blessed to enjoy a clear sunny day here.  Taking an early morning train from London, my friend Shilpa and I reached Brighton by mid-morning. As we walked out of the train station we were happy to catch a glimpse of the blue glimmering sea at the far end of the street.

BrightonBrightonAfter a quick detour of the town, we first visited the iconic Royal Pavilion, an Indo-Saracenic palace built by George, Prince of Wales in 1811. We were amazed by the elaborate pillars and the domes of this palace and the architecture of the palace reminded us very much of India. Entry to this palace cost £11 each and the tour comes with an audio guide however photography is not allowed inside the palace. We relaxed for a while in the lush green gardens surrounding this place, taking in all the beauty of the palace and clicking fare share of pictures around it. Brighton

BrightonBrightonBrightonBrightonAfter a hearty lunch at one of the vegan restaurant we headed down towards the beach.  It was a perfect place to sit and relax, taking in the warm and refreshing sea breeze. The famous beach of Brighton is one of the iconic landmark with the shore line sweeping all along the town. Thick blanket of large pebbles cover the entire beach giving a rugged look to the place. Happy and playful kids created a jolly atmosphere at the beach with their families and friends sunbathing and taking a dip in the water. After a short nap and people watching we decided to walk towards the Brighton’s another iconic structure, the Brighton Pier.

BrightonBrightonBrightonBrightonBrightonBrightonAn amusement park set on the sea, Brighton Pier invites both children and adults with its roller coasters, carousel rides, game arcades, souvenir and food stalls. Brighton Pier was opened in 1899, originally housed a concert hall, which was then changed to a theatre. However, due to the damage caused during the storm in 1973 it was shut down and never used again. The pier gives you a spectacular view of the Brighton city along with the beach and is a perfect place to watch the sunset.

BrightonBrightonBrighton20BrightonAfter walking around and savoring some dessert we decided to take a ride on the roller coaster. Although we were bit skeptical about our ride as we were still feeling bit stuffy from our scrumptious lunch we took a chance and it was all worth it. The ride was absolutely fun and thrilling with the amazing view from the top.

After a fun-filled lovely time in this sunny beach town, we walked to the bus station to head towards our next destination, the Seven Sisters.

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  1. Thanks to huge local support, the future of this lovely 1940s family-run outdoor café is now secure. On a sunny weekend nothing could be finer than sitting here, enjoying a mug of tea and a home-made rock cake, while listening to big brass bands playing before dreamy views of the Royal Pavilion.

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