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Some beach time in Nungwi, Zanzibar

Ever since I came across pictures of the beaches in Zanzibar, it had been my dream to visit this beautiful island. So, when my husband suggested including Zanzibar for our honeymoon along with mainland Tanzania, I just couldn’t contain my excitement. We wanted to do the adventurous part first and then spend the rest of the holiday in a much leisurely way. Hence after a terrific time spent on the Safaris in the Northern Circuit, we flew to Zanzibar for some relaxing beach time.

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The pristine blue beaches of Zanzibar was very enticing for both of us after driving across the Savannahs for almost a week. As we landed on the island, we couldn’t wait to head to our hotel to leave all our luggage and lounge on the beach. Our hotel in Zanzibar was the  Warere Beach Hotel, which was located at Nungwi Beach, the northern part of Zanzibar Island. The hotel was about an hour and a half from the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport and as our cab driver drove us to our destination, we were glued to our windows taking in every sight as we passed by.

Nungwi, ZanzibarWarere Beach Hotel is a bit secluded from the Nungwi village and took us a little effort to locate the property. Once the check-in formalities were done and we got settled in our rooms, we were actually glad that the hotel was so isolated, as this gave us ample of opportunity to rest and relax during our stay. Warere Beach Hotel has 15 bungalow style rooms with three rooms having the beach view. We were lucky to be allotted with the one of the best sea-facing room in the hotel, with the beach located right below the cliff. The room came with a private balcony which had an uninterrupted view of the Indian Ocean (totally blissful to look at).

Nungwi, Zanzibar
Sea view room

Nungwi, Zanzibar

Nungwi, Zanzibar
View from the Balcony

Nungwi, ZanzibarNungwi, ZanzibarThe first two days in Zanzibar was spent mostly swimming, lounging by the pool sipping some local beer and eating delicious local food. Usually, when I am traveling I am all in for exploring the new place but at Nungwi I was more than happy to stay put and enjoy the beach life. The hotel also arranges day trips to surrounding islands and water sports activities on request. But as I was on eat-drink-sleep-repeat mode, I couldn’t be swayed to try any of the activities. During the high tide, it is impossible to step into the water as the waves along with strong winds making it difficult to stand still even for a second. But during the day as the waves hit the shores at a relaxed pace it is a beautiful experience to walk on the fine white sand, gazing at the pristine blue water that spans for miles long.

Nungwi, ZanzibarNungwi, ZanzibarNungwi, ZanzibarThe turquoise blue water was just soothing to gaze at and as I listened to the waves hitting the shores day I couldn’t imagine a more sublime experience than enjoying one of most beautiful creations of nature! If I ever plan to retire in some exotic location, I would happily choose Nungwi Beach as my destination as I can easily see myself contently spending endless days in this magical place.

Nungwi, Zanzibar
During the low tide

Nungwi, ZanzibarNungwi, ZanzibarOn our last day in Zanzibar, we decided to head to the main city of the Zanzibar, Stone Town to explore the old city. As we spent a day in the historic city, my heart yearned to be back in the gorgeous Nungwi Beach.

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Have you guys ever found a place so enticing and decided to do nothing but enjoy just being there at the moment? What do you think about Nungwi Beach?

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72 thoughts on “Some beach time in Nungwi, Zanzibar

  1. Mesmerizing views! And yes, I was fortunate to have my “only me and the sea” moments too, but it was ages ago, in my early teens. My family used to spend a couple of weeks at the Black Sea during my summer holidays. Sweet memories… 🙂

  2. I love Zanzibar! We also stayed in a resort on the Nungwi Beach and the views were so amazing from our room. They had an infinity pool and a beachside bar, but the best part of the resort was the spa because they had massage rooms overlooking the gorgeous beach! I loved Nungwi Beach, it is so pretty, isn’t it?

  3. Nungwi Beach looks incredible! I’m really ready for summer now just reading this post, and your photos show off the place well. Still haven’t been to Zanzibar, but now know where to stay when I do go! Warere Beach Hotel seems like an excellent choice.

  4. Nungwi looks like a great beach destination and recommendation. As a South African, Zanzibar is a dream destination for many wanting enjoy one of the many natural spoils of Africa! I love your beach photos.

  5. Ahhh.. You’re so lucky you get to enjoy this during your honeymoon! Warere Beach Hotel looks pretty romantic (I love the secluded location) and that uninterrupted views of the ocean looks pretty awesome! Mornings will never be as gorgeous as waking up with that view!

  6. Wow Nungwi looks like heaven! The color of the water is magical. I too would have just lazed around and just enjoyed a relaxing holiday. The Warere Beach Hotel sounds so cosy, and I love that it is a bit more isolated from the main town area. It means it’s away from the crowds so you can spend more time relaxing. Plus it only has 15 bungalows with an AMAZING view – how initimate! This totally looks stunning!

  7. Oh wow! I didn’t have Zanzibar on my bucket list until now! These beautiful pictures are gorgeous and the way you described the hotel in which you stayed…so beautiful! It looks like you had a great trip! I will have to stay there as well when I visit. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Tanzania in general and Zanzibar in particular have been in my list for a long time now . While I’ve been multiple times to neighboring Kenya, I’m yet to cross the border. The sea seems inviting in that amazing shade of blue in your pictures and I fully understand the pleasure of gulping down a beer while enjoying those spectacular vistas.

  9. What a beautiful view and awesome room. I can see why you chose just to chill out and relax. Sometimes the body and mind need just that, not a bunch more sightseeing. Zanzibar looks like the perfect place for it!

    1. I can completely relate to such trips, as we do the same while traveling. Keep some quiet beach time is perfect end to a holiday!

  10. Oh my goodness, Zanzibar is so stunning! I have had it on my bucket list for some time now but I don’t know if/when I’ll ever be able to make the trip. These photos have convinced me that I’ve got to make it happen!

  11. I could imagine that strong wind brushing your hair, and that’s exciting! Would be a nice idea to play some kite during low tide.
    I guess during high tide, the waves are splashing that docks so hard!

    1. Oh yes, flying kite would be super fun in Nungwi!
      And you are right, the waves were pretty strong during the high tide, hitting upto our room balcony

  12. The pictures are mad. This July I am traveling to Mombassa with my partner, little north of Zanzibar. I look forward to the fun. Your pictures have excited me more. I am gonna share the link with my partner right away. Lovely blog!

    1. Thank you Shreya! Have heard a lot about Mombassa, enjoy your visit! Looking forward to read all about it :).

  13. The beach looks so divine! It is actually good that your hotel was secluded from the village. Such places offer the best views. The hotel too is so beautiful, especially the views from the balcony. It looks like a perfect place for a vacation.

    1. Thank you, Umang!Those were my thoughts exactly when it was time to leave Nungwi! Hope your dream comes true :).

  14. very beautiful pictures..i love zanziar…
    we did it 3 years back right after climbing Kilimanjaro..and it was a good reward..ur post refreshes my memory..so beautiful..thanks for sharing

  15. The Nungwi beach looks so beautiful. It seems to have a pristine and wild beauty. The waters look out of the world. Africa is indeed a veritable paradise and the Nungwi beach is indeed a treasured gem of Africa.

  16. Wow! Zanzibar looks unbelievable! Warere Beach Hotel is somewhere I’d love to stay. The view from the balcony is fantastic. Sounds like it was an excellent trip!

  17. I’ve not been to this country yet, but it’s absolutely on my list after reading this – it’s so scenic! So when I do get around to planning a trip here, I will consider the Warere hotel for sure x

  18. If you are planning to visit the island then the Zanzibar is the best choice. The Nungwi is the popular beach in Zanzibar that water is an ideal for swimming at every time. We provide the best place to stay near the Nungwi beach.

  19. That was a wonderful experience to spend some time in Zanzibar. It’s a beautiful place to visit, The Sea water is so clear and the environment of this place, it’s just outstanding. every traveler wants to visit this beautiful place. All of your pictures make me excited and all of your blogs inspire us for travel. I think my next trip will be there. Thanks, guys for sharing your adventures with us.

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