Memories of the year 2016!!

2016 has truly been a splendid year for TOTS, a fun-filled exciting year full of celebrations, tons of wedding shopping, adventures and stepping into a new phase in our lives.

Yes, we both sisters got married this year and our life has taken a whole new turn. We started off the year 2016 by first visiting the Vihangama resort along with our family, then attended the International Kite festival in Mangalore. As there was two wedding in the family we had a lot of wedding shopping to do back to back. Then came the honeymoons were we both ventured out with our respective husbands to beautiful locations. So, we wrap up 2016 with sweet memories of a lifetime and a big thanks to all our readers and followers for all your love and support you have shown us. We hope for bigger adventures to come on our way in the year 2017 and wishing you all the same.

   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!



45 thoughts on “Memories of the year 2016!!

  1. Great to see both of yo so happy on the video, girls! My sincere congratulations! Wishing you an eventful and interesting married life ahead and may your 2017 be full of memorable moments and epic trips. Thanks for the interesting content on your blog all through 2016.

  2. Well while 2016 was probably a very important year for both of you. I also feel it is turn in your lives. Am just curious how you are planning to continue this blog as most of your travels now onwards might be separate with your own husbands?

    1. Blogging and sharing our travel stories with our readers has become a part of life now! So no matter if we are travelling with our respective husband’s or together we will still continue blogging as we have already been doing so! And yeah, we will try to travel together as much as possible! 🙂

  3. Lovely idea to keep the memories in a short video like this. My personal favourite here would be Ireland, since the landscape there seems to be amazingly beautiful 🙂

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