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Lord Murugan Temple at Batu Caves, Malaysia

 The Temple Cave at Batu Caves, Malaysia is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. Although the visit to the cave wasn’t planned, we made a stop here on dad’s suggestion on our way back from the Genting Highlands.

Lord Murugan Statue

The magnificent statue of Lord Murugan (140ft high and the largest golden statue of the Lord) was visible from the highway and we just could not wait to reach the place and have a closer look at the statue. As we entered the premises, it gave us an instant impression of being in one of the temples in South India with its colorful archway, vendors selling flowers and fruits and the monkeys hopping along the steps to the caves. After an exhausting and action filled day at the Genting Theme Park, we were in awe when we had a look at the steps leading to the Batu Caves.

Climbing up the stairs to the caves!
View from the top

Gathering up all our remaining energy we started climbing the 272 steps. Although the climb isn’t much, the steepness of the steps made us breathless and when we turned around to have a look at where we started it just made us dizzy.

Cave Entrance
Inside Batu Caves

As we reached the top of the steps the sight of the natural limestone cave amazed us. The Temple Cave or otherwise known as the Cathedral Cave is one of the largest among the Batu Caves and is supposed to 400 million years old. The cave is quite dark once you enter with bits of natural light falling through the open ceiling. There are several tiny idols placed around the cave, but since there wasn’t sufficient lighting we were not able to capture them.

Limestone walls
Ceiling of the cave
Display inside the Cave
The Murugan Temple

The Murugan Temple at the rear of the cave was bustling with devotees making offerings and the tourists trying to capture the beauty of the place. Making our way between the devotees we offered our prayers to the Lord and carried on to click some more pictures before we made an exit.

View from the entrance to the caves
Travelling sisters back in 2010!!

The caves are 13km away from Kuala Lumpur and takes about 20 minutes from the city to reach. You can reach the place through Komuter train/ bus 11/11d or by taxis. The temple is a must visit place during the Thaipusam festival which occurs every January or February and is visited by millions of Hindu devotees from Malaysia, Singapore and India.

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