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How to get over vacation hangover

We know many of you are back from an amazing vacation celebrating Christmas and New Years in some beautiful location.  Memories that last for a lifetime are created with our loved ones in these vacations and are cherished forever. While these vacations are the best times to forget all our worries, relax and rejuvenate, we have to unwillingly get back to our routine life once the holiday is over. After an exciting start to new years, all of you guys must be trying to cope with going back to work and also trying to get over the post-vacation hangover. The holiday excitement that began right at the moment you start planning, till you board your flight back home is still lingering somewhere around making you feel the vacation blues.  So, in order to help you all overcome these vacation hangover we are sharing a couple of tips, which I might help you guys to get back to the normal routine pretty easily

Avoid the jet lag

While the long duration flights might be tiresome, jet lags can be even worse. It can cause major weakness to your body as you might have traveled to and from different time zones, plus all the vacation fatigue will be catching up once your home. Do get ample of rest and keep yourself hydrated to overcome the fatigue.

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Plan your next vacation

Keeping yourself motivated helps one in many different ways and hence once we are back from our vacation, we immediately start planning or dreaming for the next trip even though it might be months after. Discussing and planning for our next destination, making some research on the place where we want to go next helps us reduce the vacation blues.

Take it slow

You need not rush into your work life immediately once you are back home, rather than that take a day or two to get back to work and stay at home. Although vacations are super fun, sometimes it can be exhausting too, so taking some time off will help you to regain the energy and start with a fresh and happy mind rather than dreading about going back to work immediately after a fabulous holiday.


Sort through your travel pictures and videos

All thanks to the current technologies, we can now capture hundreds of pictures and record minutes long videos without worrying about the storage space. But if these pictures are not sorted, transferred and stored in a backup all the memories created will be gone. Sorting the pictures makes us go through them and helps us in reminiscing the happy memories, killing the vacation hangover we go through.

Do not compare

It is a common human tendency to compare the vacation destination or country with our own hometown/ country. Remember the grass is always greener on the other side! Hence, these comparisons will only result in depressing us furthermore, making us yearn to live in the beautiful country we just visited.

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Unpack and Reorganise

When we are back from our vacation be it long or short, leaves us with the task of unpacking and sorting through the mess we left back home before we went on a holiday. Instead of being lazy and pushing the task away, do some reorganizing and cleaning, which will make you feel happy to be home. Do your holiday laundry no matter how tedious it is, thus slowly bringing yourself back to regular routine.

Detox and workout

Who could resist themselves from eating all those delicious local food or indulging in calorie-rich while on vacation? No one can and one shouldn’t as well. After enjoying all the local food during the vacation, it is a good idea to detox at home for a couple of days. Cook simple and healthy meals at home and avoid being lazy and ordering the food from the restaurants. Do some simple workouts at home or take small walks around the neighborhood or in a near park to keep your mind fresh and focused.

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Catch up with family and friends

Since you are taking some time off from work, it’s a good idea to call in or visit your family and friends and narrate all your holiday experiences with them. Share all the beautiful memories with your dear ones, for in the end holiday season is all about spreading love and happiness all around you!

We hope our tips were helpful for you guys to overcome your vacation hangover and do let us know if you have any other useful tips to handle vacation hangovers in the comment below.





70 thoughts on “How to get over vacation hangover

  1. Ohh travel hangover, worse than alcohol hangover or a heartbreak! You have given some really good tips of how to get over the travel hangover. My favorites that help me a lot is to plan a a new trip and to do some sport and exercices! Its hard coming home to the reality but it is totally worth it!

  2. These are great trips! I came back from a very cold, chaotic trip from NYC for NYE and the first thing I did was sort through my pics. Oddly enough I have never felt jetlagged, maybe because I take naps where ever and whenever possible haha. There are times when I was required to rush back to work, but it wasn’t so bad 🙂

  3. I always suffer from vacation hangover! I totally agree about not comparing home to holiday, it makes it worse! And great tips about planning the next vacation, and just generally taking it easy for a while. I absolutely agree.

  4. What a great tips! Ah I forgot those lists while I’m traveling. I think I will start to do soon. It kinda I haven’t list my plan and just following the trips options. It is definitely helps me! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ooh, I love this post and don’t think that we talk about it enough. I agree with all of your points, although I’m horrible at taking it slow after a vacation. Since I still work a full-time job, I used to come home early in the morning from my destination, and head straight into work from the airport. It wasn’t healthy at all and I usually burned out after a few hours. Now, I try to land/return home in the middle of the day and just take my time readjusting back to reality. Such a great tip!

  6. Oh yes this is a reality and you have some great tips here… the best being plan you r next trip!! I am guilty though of using every single days leave I have right to the last so I never have a few days to settle before I start work! We will be travelling full time from the end of this year so hopefully these hangovers will finally go away…..

  7. I guess it’s the worst kind of hangover and sometimes take a lot of days to get over. I like your tip to take a day off after coming back from a vacation as I actually believe in it, and even practice it. Holidays can also be exhausting so taking a day off to relax, unpack and just lay in bed is the best way to keep the hangover at bay 🙂

  8. I have faced jet lag only once. It was bad. I have learned how to handle it. I like the tips you shared. Taking it slow is really helpful. I have practiced it too. Though I have been to many fancy countries, I value my country India and the freedom it allows. So I never compare.

  9. These are great tips to get over vacation hangover. I can relate to these. It always takes me a while to get back into routine . And when I get back , I always have lots of laundry to do . I also tend to compare the place I’ve just visited to my home country, which I shouldn’t do.

  10. thank you for the useful tips. When i have this feeling i usually start to plan next trips and search for destinations. It really helps me. I have also made a map with places i would like to visit, so i smile every time i look at it.

  11. Definitely some good tips! I find I always take a good week to get back into the system of normal life after we travel! So frustrating! Exercise definitely helps!

  12. These are some great tips! Like you guys I like to reorganize my life and unpack as soon s I get home, instead of keeping the suitcase sitting there for ages. And you’re so right, while it always helps to plan another trip so that you have something to look forward to, I always relish the opportunity to be home to spend time with my dogs, friends and family.

  13. Haha I think the BEST way to avoid or get over a vacation hangover is to plan the next one (thankfully you have also mentioned that as one of the ways LOL). I do hate jet lags and although I end up doing this, I want to avoid it in the future – landing back late night and going to work early next morning. I do also agree with the point about NOT comparing your home town with the places you visit. Good read!

  14. Couldnt agree more with planning a new trip and then heading back to the gym. I think one of the worst parts of the vacay hangover is the sudden realization that you gained tons of weight and that can add to the depression. So hitting the gym can get you back on track for losing that vacay weight while also releasing endorphins that will put you in a good mood.

    1. Couldn’t have described it better Eric! Motivating oneself to hit the gym and focus on being healthy is indeed a good idea!

  15. This is so helpful! I always get holiday hangover whenever I come back from a vacation or a work trip. What I do most from the list is to compare how things were there to the ones from home, not realizing that in another place it will always be better, unless you have the same responsibilities from home 🙂 great post!

    1. Thank you for the insight Iulia. We often unintentionally end up compare our home to the holiday destination which in the end makes us more restless and sad.

  16. Oh the vacation hangover, truly among the worst type of hangovers you can get! I am soooooo happy to have two overseas trips planned so far for 2018, possibly a third too. It makes the start of the year so much easier by having something to look forward to. All great tips here – and yes, detox and workout – very important. Sometimes it’s nice to get into a normal routine as well.

  17. Jet lag can definitely be a big deal when you have traveled through many time zones. Planning your next trip definitely helps. We have done that a few times. Trying to get to cleaning and laundry has also helped us as well.

  18. Very valuable tips. But the best I liked is not to compare. So true that the grass is always greener on the other side. My way of getting over the vacation hangover is to slowly settle in the daily life and also start planning the next vacation

  19. Oh yes, vacation hangover can sometimes hit hard. Especially if you are gone for longer than a week and to a totally different kind of culture. Good tips! I guess it takes a while to process everything you experienced and get used to being home again.

  20. Coming home after an amazing trip away is always so sad. I try and cheer myself up by looking through my photos, writing blog posts about my memories and planning my next trip back there haha 😉 x

    1. These are some of the best ways to cheer oneself up after the trip. Sharing pictures and stories are always a great option.

  21. I feel very sad every after holiday or vacation. Ending it is always the saddest part. Well these are very informative and will always consider in the future. I always plan my next travel right away before the current one finishes to make sure that i have something to look forward.
    JM of Man Of Wanders

  22. Talk of travel hangover, I feel this after every trip but then like you I tend to take it positively. plan for the next one and relive the current one with my blogs and pics. That really helps. Well done with the tips. It is nice to know that I aint the only one suffering the withdrawal syndrome.

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