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Flying with Emirates Airlines: Business class review (Mumbai to Vienna)

Since the time we traveled by flight for the first time as kids, we have loved our flight journeys as much as we love our travel adventures. Over the years, we have a traveled a good number of times with Emirates and with its flawless service and luxurious flights, it has become one of our favorite airlines to travel in (we are sure a lot of you will probably agree with us on this). We recently traveled to Austria from Mumbai with Emirates Business Class in their incredibly luxurious A380 plane, the experience was no doubt one of the best we had so far.


The best thing about booking a business class ticket with Emirates is their chauffeur driven car service to and from the airport. We had booked the car 48 hours in advance and the chauffeur promptly arrived at the specified time at our doorstep. The chauffeur dropped us off at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, our check-in procedures were swiftly completed, we went to the Airport lounge to comfortably wait for our flight.

Emirates Business Class seats and facilities

Since we were flying from Mumbai to Vienna, we had our transit flight in Dubai. Both the flights were A380 planes with similar features. The Mumbai to Dubai flight was only about 3.5 hours, we decided to rest and sleep off during our first flight. While traveling from Dubai to Vienna, we made the most of our 5 hours, 46 minutes flight.
The Business and First Class seats are situated on the first floor while the Economy Class seats are located on the ground floor in the Airbus. The Business class seats are very spacious (18.5 inches wide) and comfy with every seat having access to the aisle. The seat can be adjusted to one’s convenience and also has a footrest to put your feet up and relax. If you want to sleep off during your flight journey, the Emirates crew will make up your bed in no time by converting your seat into a single flatbed. The seats are placed in 1:2:1 configuration with the middle seats arranged in such a way that a couple of seats have privacy partitions which you can slide down if you want to chat to your neighbor (perfect if you have a travel partner). Some of the middle seats have total privacy with no slider as there is minibar separating the seats, a great option if you do not want to be disturbed by others.

Every seat has a console with a personal mini-bar which consists of bottled water and non-alcoholic drinks, power sockets, USB ports, eye masks, and headphones. Emirates Business Class passengers are also served with the luxury amenity kit, which is in collaboration with the luxury brand Bulgari. The complimentary kit consists of Bulgari’s Eau Parfumée Au thé noir, body lotion, face emulsion, hairbrush, vanity mirror, wet tissue, toothbrush and toothpaste. The kit is very thoughtfully put together to help us ladies take care our skin and feel good while traveling. A similar kit is also served to men which has some pretty great luxurious men’s skin care products. The seats are designed in such a way that there are many storage spaces of varied sizes to keep your personal belongings.

Emirates Business Class Inflight Entertainment

The A380 has a very chic in-flight entertainment system, ICE (Information, Communication, Entertainment), which we think is one of the best features of the flight. Every seat has a 23-inch touchscreen display with a handheld remote and a tablet to control the system and also the browse the internet. ICE has 2500 channels in total with a wide selection of movies (ranging from latest releases to vintage movies), television shows, games and music.

What’s even great is that you can also connect your personal devices through the HDMI port and access its contents on the screen. There is also on-air Wi-Fi services whereby you can enjoy about 10MB free data, you can also upgrade upto 500MB by just paying $1.00, which is pretty reasonable if you want continuously access the internet while flying.

Emirates Business Class Food

On boarding the Emirates flight, every Business class passenger is offered with the refreshments like Champagne, fruit juices and assorted nuts. A three-course menu is served, which consists of Salads and Starters, Main course and desserts. As we are vegetarians, we opted for our vegetarian meal along with some French wine to go with it. For starters, we were served with the delicious Arabic Mezze platter complete with Hummus, Pita bread, Dolmeh, sautéed spinach and veggie salad. The main course included Herbed rice with vegetable gravy, which honestly speaking wasn’t to our liking. For desserts, it was the Passion Fruit Terrine, which was a melt in the mouth and extremely yummy.

The A380 has an onboard cocktail bar at the rear of the Business class cabin with standup bar which serves drinks and snacks throughout the flight. It definitely amps up the experience of luxury traveling as you sip fancy cocktails served by the efficient Emirates crew at 40,000 feet high.

Overall Experience:

The Emirates A380 Business Class experience was an ultra-luxurious flight experience for us sisters. The impeccable service by the warm and attentive crew was on par with the Emirates name. We would happily recommend the Emirates A380 flight experience if you are looking forward to traveling in comfort and luxury.

Do let us know about your flying experience with Emirates Airlines if you have traveled with them. Also, do share your thoughts on the post by commenting below. 















57 thoughts on “Flying with Emirates Airlines: Business class review (Mumbai to Vienna)

  1. This definitely looks like the ultimate way to fly. I have heard of the great reputation that Emirates has as an airline when it comes to quality and service. Although I am not sure how their prices compare with other airlines, there is no doubting that they offer a wonderful travel experience.

  2. Oh yes, this is an experience I’d like to try one day! I’ve flown before on British Airways and Virgin Business, but I think Emirates looks so much better! I’m not usually a fan of plane food, but your choices look yummy. So nice to be able to stretch your legs here!

  3. As a budget traveler I’m normally back there squeezed in coach haha – However when I lived in Bali I was able to fly back home to England in business class with another company and wow it will be something I won’t forget. This is a great review and can see just how luxurious your flight was, even the food looks amazing 😀

  4. I see my favourite Bvlgari products on display. 🙂 THis looks like quite a luxurious and comfortable experience. There’s so much leg space too. Wow!! I can’t get over all the food and wine. Cheers to that!!

  5. I love the excellent service offered with Emirates and flew with them last year to Dubai (but in economy though). What a luxurious flight and they even offer a glass of champagne … I do love champagne! And the 3 course food looks amazing too.
    It’s great that the seat can be turned into a flat bed too – fab for long haul flights. Thanks for the fab review!

  6. I totally agree with you about how we are treated luxuriously in Emirates Business Class. Emirates Business class is my favorite because of ample leg space, nice food, luxury vanity case. Getting a car for to and fro for a business class passenger and also getting a special lounge on Dubai airport is the cherry on cake for Emirates Business Class. I have traveled many times through this and I can give 11 out 10 for Emirates Business class.

  7. Emirates is undoubtedly one of the best airlines that exist! And to travel their business class is a priceless experience I am sure. I’ve flown Emirates a number of times (I live in Dubai) but haven’t had the privilege of flying business, you’re lucky! I can see you made the most of your journey. And yes, their food must be amazing!

  8. I’ve flown in Emirates on my trip to Dubai (not in business class though) and I must say the experience was excellent. Their business class is something I would definitely want to try some day. Looks like a super luxurious experience! The three-course meal looks tempting. 🙂

  9. I am yet to fly business class with Emirates. Such luxuries in business class are simply great. I heard a lot about Emirates and now I can’t wait to fly Business Class with Emirates.

  10. This is just awesome! I’ve been on Business Class in Emirates as well. But it was a goddamn luck! 3 legs of the 4 legged journey (Cochin -> Dubai -> Frankfurt & return) got upgraded!!! After traveling in the cramped legspace of domestic economy., which felt no better than bus, this felt so royal! This was about a decade ago… The Bvlgari toiletries, personalized minibar are improvisations since then!

  11. Wow lucky girls! The sitting space is almost as big as my entire flat! And to buy a ticket for a bussines class most cost as much as a years rent! I am crossing my finger to one day try flying in bussines class.

  12. I love that they don’t try to rip you off with the in-flight wifi! I haven’t flown Emirates in a few years now, but it looks like they’ve continued to step up their game. Sounds like the chauffeur service is super handy as well.

  13. Very detailed and interesting review. We saw the videos of this the magnificent A 380 going around in FB a few days back and then we actually got to travel in one of it during our trip from Mumbai to Dubai though we traveled in Economic class. We would love to experience the business class someday soon.

  14. I would agree with you that services of Emirates are impeccable. My flights to Dubai and South Africa were very convenient. I like the food served in Business class and ofcourse the comforts are amazing. The chauffeur facility to and fro the airport is very convenient. I am yet to try the business class of Emirates.

  15. Well, a nice review for folks who like to fly in style. To be honest, Emirates is also one of my fave Airlines, yet, I stick to economy. I mean, the price difference is a minimum of 4-5 scuba dives I can do on my trip destination 😉

  16. Just WOW! You are so incredibly lucky to have flown business class. We never had a flight higher than economy class! LOL! 😀 We are outdoorspeople, and we are content with living in tents, riding in rickety buses, or staying in homestays. But we definitely wouldn’t mind an experience in luxury. 🙂

  17. We had the opportunity to fly Emirates two months back for our trip to Europe and it was a luxurious flight. Loved everything about the experience but would love to fly business class next time for their excellent services and hospitality.

  18. Now this is absolute luxury in the air. Fantastic review and lovely pictures. You sure did get spoilt with that comfort. I would totally dig that travel toiletries pouch and who would say no to the champagne. Cheers

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