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A romantic evening at Baily lighthouse, Howth


It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Malahide with the clear blue sky and blazing sun following us everywhere we drove. After our splendid tour of the Malahide Castle and spending some time walking along the bay, my husband and I decided to just drive down to some random place nearby to spend rest of our evening. Hence, we opened up google maps to check where else we can go exploring that day. To our sheer delight, we found a lighthouse at Howth Head named as Baily Lighthouse at the eastern tip of Ireland and we immediately jumped to our feet, walked towards our car and drove down to Baily Lighthouse, Howth.

After about 45 minutes of a beautiful drive through the shores, quaint villages, and dreamy villas nestled on the cliffs, we finally reached our destination, where we parked our car and walked till the lighthouse. The path was a narrow road and I could see the deep blue water of the sea at the far end. Excited very much, we walked down the narrow path with not a soul to be seen around.

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Baily lighthouse, Howth

Baily lighthouse, Howth

We were greeted by a spectacular scenery which, we honestly did not expect. The view was so breath-taking that we stood there in awe for about a minute or two just to believe what we were seeing. The whole picture looked like it was out of a beautiful painting. The bright green colors of the grass against the blue color of the sea with a tiny head of the lighthouse peaking in the middle completed the whole picture and it all looked as if I was walking there in my dream.

Baily lighthouse, Howth

Baily lighthouse, Howth

Baily lighthouse was built on a gorgeous location at Howth Head which was constructed in 1667 and the present lighthouse was constructed in 1814 which was moved further down the cliff from the original location. The light tower stands 134 feet above the sea level.

Standing there at the edge cliff with my husband beside me looking the vastness of the sea to one side and the city of Dublin on the other, I felt it was the most romantic evening we had spent in Ireland. We spent some time sitting there and taking in all the beauty and then started walking back as the sun was setting behind the cliffs. 

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Baily lighthouse, Howth

Baily lighthouse, Howth

Baily lighthouse, Howth

Baily lighthouse, Howth

Baily lighthouse, Howth

Baily lighthouse, Howth

Baily lighthouse, Howth

Although our short road trip to this stunning location was totally an unplanned and a random one, it has turned out to be a most memorable time we spent there. The charm and beauty have been forever engraved in our hearts.

Have you guys ever made a memorable trip which was totally unplanned? If yes, please let us know where and what made it so memorable for you in the comments below!


46 thoughts on “A romantic evening at Baily lighthouse, Howth

  1. Took me a while to work out what country you were talking about but once I did a reread a lot more happily! Sounds like a fabulous trip. Ireland is such a spectacularly beautiful place, exactly where you’re going to randomly have incredible days by accident!

  2. What a gorgeous discovery and a hidden gem! The Bailey lighthouse and the setting is stunning! What I love most about it is that you didnt plan the trip in advance. I love when not expecting anything but then it turns out to be wonderful. Hopefully I will be able to visit Ireland someday and I will surely stop by the Bailey lighthouse!

  3. Baily Lighthouse at Howth Head and the surrounding countryside look beautiful. If I was staying in the area I could easily get up early and go for a run on this route. I’m sure I’d be rewarded by beautiful photos like you. The sound of the sea must add to the experience!

    1. Oh yeah, the utter silence and sound of the sea waves was like a sweet music played in the background while we enjoyed the beauty of the place…:)

  4. Oh wow, I can understand why this place is perfect for couples. Howth is very beautiful and somewhere I’m yet to travel. However, from your photos, I’m really inclined to travel with my other half, thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! You should definitely plan a trip with your partner to Ireland as it is romantic in its own way..:)

  5. Wow, what a spectacular place to stumble upon. It’s always such a joy to find a true hidden gem- can only imagine how happy I’d be if I ended up at Baily Lighthouse on a whim. So glad you were able to have such a romantic and peaceful evening. Here’s to many more!

    1. Thank you Lois, we kind of got a feeling of getting lost without the google map and then found ourself in this little paradise…:)

  6. I’ve never really given much thought about visiting Ireland, but yours is the second post I’ve read about the country and it looks very enticing to visit. I love the hilly landscape and the sea and Baily Lighthouse looks beautiful. I always try to visit lighthouses whenever I get the chance. it’s great you enjoyed your time.

    1. Ireland is spectacular country and its a pure delight to its visitors, you should definitely plan a visit soon Samah!!:)

  7. Ah, this makes me miss Ireland! I love how green everything is there. What an idyllic piece of coastline. So cool how the original 17th century house is still standing, even though the lighthouse wasn’t built until the 19th century!

  8. I have to agree. Many a times, more than any book or website, I end up finding new places to visit on Google maps! Zooming into a location and discovering a new destination, and if its awesome too, it always makes the day. The location looks absolutely stunning. Totally worth the 45 mins drive. Yes, Scotland & Ireland are indeed dotted with such spectacular places!!!

  9. This is a very special place, and with stunning landscape too. I can see why it’s great for couples as I’d like to go with my s/o one day! A beautiful location.

  10. What a lovely find! There’s always something romantic about lighthouses in isolated coastal spots. Complemented with such beautiful coastal scenery and there genuinely not being a soul around and you’re on to a winner. Definitely goes to show that spontaneous excursions are often worth it 🙂

  11. These impromptu decisions to go to a random place often becomes one of the best. I really love the pictures. The place is surely very romantic. Hope you spend many more beautiful time together.

  12. Every picture speaks a thousand words! You’re right, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. I’d spend a few minutes too, absorbing the true work of nature (the backdrop is breathtaking) and walking around the lighthouse.

  13. How nice that the trip you never planned turned out to be so fun! The sceneries do look wonderful – fresh and serene.
    As a matter of fact, I never did an unplanned trip – on the contrary, I always plan and organize ahead a lot. For me, that’s no stress, but part of the fun – like already travelling the destination like a virtual scout. Although I love this planning part, sometimes I’m afraid it makes me unavailable for surprises and spontaneous detours.

    1. Try going on a spontaneous trip and see where you end! We would say at least once in a life must try such a trip 🙂

  14. Checking out your photos brought back some amazing memories as I did the hike to Howth and surrounding areas a few years ago. I remember that lighthouse. Very pretty area on a nice summers day

  15. Baily Lighthouse area look so beautiful! I believe Ireland is one of the most beautiful counties in the world and I am super excited to go back there in February! I am always trying to discover some places what aren’t in top 10 while I am travelling. Secret gems like that give more satisfaction to discover “by mistake” 🙂

  16. Beautiful views here for sure. I love the photographs you took of the cliffs, these are the signature nature views people have come to know Ireland for.. Definitely inspiring me to make a trip to Ireland next year.

    1. Thank you Kellyn, there is greenery every where in Ireland and you will find yourself clicking million pictures when you are there..:)

  17. We will be in Ireland in a couple months and we have both Malahide castle and the city of Howth on our itinerary. I am glad that someone else has done this so we know what to expect. Were you there recently? How was the weather? We can’t wait to go now.

    1. Hope this post was of some help to you, we were there last summer and the weather was perfect. Enjoy your travels in Ireland Christina..:)

  18. Isnt it funnny how the most spontaneous decisions turn out to be one of the best ones? This lighthouse combined with the vast beautiful greenery of Ireland is just a perfect place for a photo. Btw, you’ve got a really pretty smile! 🙂

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