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Checking in at the Amanzi Boutique Resort

Living in a busy city like Mumbai, I’m often on the lookout for short getaways outside the city. This not only helps me escape the bustling city life but also gives me a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind. I’m sure a lot of you guys will definitely agree with me on this. So, when my husband suggested celebrating our anniversary at Amanzi Resort, I was beyond happy thinking about all the downtime I was going to enjoy.

Amanzi Resort

Amanzi is a boutique resort located near Lonavla and is about 2 hours’ drive from Mumbai city. Surrounded by Sahyadri Hills on all sides, Amanzi Resort certainly falls under a perfect getaway location for me. Apart from the scenic hills, the resort is also blessed with a panoramic view of the Pawna Lake, thus making it all the more special. Drive to the resort from Mumbai (mainly up to Lonavala) is something I have done a zillion time but it still excites me every single time. The winding roads leading midst the rugged mountains with little villages giving you a peek into the local life is always an impressive sight to watch.

We had left from Mumbai mid-morning so that we reached the resort exactly at the time of check-in. Once we reached the Pawna lake area it wasn’t a difficult task to locate the resort as it was right off the main road. As we reached the resort reception to complete the check-in formalities, which technically is a dining area of the resort, the lunch was being set up for the guests.

Amanzi Resort Review

Amanzi Resort Review


Completing the formalities quickly, we were shown to our room. Amanzi has 10 guest rooms and most of them are designed such that they have the view of the lake from the room. We had booked a lake view deluxe villa, which was a chalet style cottage. The bedroom had a four-poster king size bed and has a small wooden staircase on the corner that leads to the attic space of the villa. The room had large glass windows on three sides of the room, which provided ample light. We also had a spacious private balcony, which was one of my favorite spot in the villa as it had the most gorgeous view of the large expanse of Resort lawn along with Pawna Lake and hills in the background. The rooms do not Wi-Fi facility or televisions as the resort is a tech-free.

Amanzi Resort Review

Amanzi Resort Review
Stairs leading to the attic

Amanzi Resort Review

Amanzi Resort Review
Vintage posters in the bathroom

The ensuite bathroom had a rain shower cubicle with a glass rooftop, giving a very rustic look to the bathroom. The toiletries provided in the bathroom had all the usual items, however, there was one new add-on, a pair of body scrub pad, which I think was very thoughtful.

Amanzi Resort Review

View from the balcony

The Villa overall was quite spacious and designed with guest’s comfort in mind. If you have little kids with then one spot I’m sure they are going to love is the attic. And from what I have seen in the Resort website, extra mattresses can also be placed in the attic. I happily spent a good part of my stay lounging on the balcony, happily enjoying the scenic view.

Amanzi Resort Review

Amanzi Resort Review
Sunset over the lake
Amanzi Resort Review
Lake view deluxe villa


Amanzi offers all meals inclusive package to all its guests, and meals are served in their in-house restaurant, Arches Restaurant. As there are not many dining options anywhere close to the Resort, I think it is very ideal. The meals are served Buffet style with a wide range of choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Arches serve local delicacies as well as international cuisine and all three meals we had were super delicious. The staff is very attentive to the guest’s needs and ensure that your dietary requirements are taken into consideration before serving you food.

Amanzi Resort Review
The Arches Restaurant

Amanzi also has in-room dining a la carte menu, which is not part of the package and charges will be applicable on the meals served. The room service timing is 8 am to 10.30 pm.


Amanzi Resort Review

The staff at Amanzi are extremely friendly and are attentive to all guests need. The hospitality at Amanzi Resort is without question one of the best things in the resort. Since the resort is located close to the wilderness, we encountered a green colored snake entwined with one of the tree branches right outside our villa door. Not knowing if the snake was poisonous, we got a bit panicky initially seeing it so up-close. The hotel staff without hesitation rushed to our villa and managed to quietly move the snake away. They also made sure we were safely back in our room. It was really gallant of everyone who helped us in the situation and I am really impressed how they put customers safety before everything.

Activities in the Resort

Amanzi Resort Review

Amanzi has an outdoor swimming pool, the view from the pool area is a definite treat as it is surrounded by hills all around. There is a common lounge area, which also serves as a small library. A multipurpose sports court is also located within the resort where guests can enjoy Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton etc., One can also pamper themselves with a relaxing massage at the Resort Spa.

Amanzi Resort ReviewAmanzi Resort Review

Places to visit around

Amanzi is located very close to the Pawna Lake, so this will be a perfect spot to picnic or enjoy the sunset. Tandem Paragliding is also available in the Pawna Lake area. If one is looking for adventurous activity, you can hike up the Tikona Fort or Lohgad Fort, which are a few kilometers away from the Resort.

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Overall Experience

Our stay at Amanzi Resort was planned with every intention of enjoying idyllic time far away from the city. And that what exactly we got to do. From the hospitality to the beautiful location, everything was perfect in every way. If one is looking for a getaway outside Mumbai or Pune for a relaxing time with friends and family, I can happily say Amanzi Resort is the place you are looking for. 

Amanzi Boutique Resort
440 Tikona Peth,
Pavana Dam, Gevhande Khadak,
Maharashtra 410406
Contact: +91 9821012163 / 9167526707 / 9769827222

We hope you guys reading our stay experience at the Amanzi Resort. Do share your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below. Also share and subscribe for future updates.








44 thoughts on “Checking in at the Amanzi Boutique Resort

  1. Really looks like a beautiful resort in such a pretty spot. The views from rooms and balconies and grounds are all so pretty. The chalets seem surprisingly close to me, that would be the only worry I have, as I like to be able to have that little bit of space around, especially when in a resort where there’s lots of grounds to spread out on. But the styling is gorgeous.

    1. Yea, I was initially skeptical about the less space between the Villas, but soon I realized there is enough privacy.

  2. We are also siblings and love konkan amd maharashtra like anything. Have so far twice travelled in mumbai twice including ratnagiri amd aurangabad. Our next journey would around october. Wil defenitely try this boutique resort

  3. This resort looks gorgeous. really love the decor the suites, plus the views! And love to hear the hospitality is what makes it so special, more than looks, a great place is all about the people! Random question…where did you get your “To travel is t live” T-shirt….so want that for my wife!

    1. Ah Thanks Mike :). Got the tee from the brand called Only, it is a perfect gift for your wife if she’s a travel fanatic!

  4. The resort looks lovely and I love that it is a tech free resport. Good to get a digital detox wherever possible and just get back to nature and just relax. We would spend a lot of time in that gorgeous pool and no doubt eat all day long!

    1. Yea, apart from clicking few pictures I did not spend much time using any gadgets. It was a welcome change.

  5. Wow what a great getaway It’s always handy to find quick wins like these where you can escape the madness of a city and go away for a day or so. The place looks amazing. With beautiful views and the resort so picturesque. Thanks for sharing.

  6. My cousin and bro were just looking for an outing near pune and Mumbai. This fits in perfectly. Love the luxurious rooms and the lovely green outdoors. Perfect place to unwind. Beautiful pictures and nicely reviewed

  7. I’m a boutique hotel girl when it comes to travelling, so this would be perfect for me. The views from the balcony are incredible, and so picturesque too. How nice were the staff to take away that green snake! I’d be terrified. I’ve not yet been to India, but will remember this if I get there!

  8. The pool has a fantastic view. The location and everything is amazing. Although we aren’t big fans of the room. We think this property has so much potential to be better if they would invest a bit more on decor and furniture.

  9. Whoa! This is spectacular. French windows and getting to see the river and all the greenery is just the best way to wake up in the morning.
    The body scrub is indeed very thoughtful addition.
    Aathi hoon mein Khandala! 😀

  10. That is one fantastic resort! I travelled frequently to Lonavala when I was living in Mumbai but I don’t think this resort even existed at the time (if it did, then it is such a pity that I did not hear about it earlier). The views from the balcony of the lake are pretty awesome and I can only imagine what a wonderful experience it would have been to capture the lovely sunset from there. Thanks for this suggestion, I will bookmark it so that I can remember the name of Amanzi resort, next time I visit that part of the country.

  11. Having spent a week in Mumbai a couple years ago I can fully understand the need to have an escape from the hustle and bustle! What a beautiful place to relax. I like the whole idea of having a tech-free environment. That really takes away distractions and allows you to enjoy your time to the fullest.

    1. Completely agree, not using any gadgets on a holiday is the true way to take a break from our busy lives.

  12. I love that beds! I’m always looking at them in the Turkish series and I would like to have one in my near future one day. That pool also looks amazing – I believe that I wouldn’t leave it for whole day haha. Nice one thanks for sharing!

  13. I know what you mean about wanting to get away from the city for a few days – I live just outside London and work there Monday to Friday every week, so sometimes it’s nice to just get away, even if only 2 hours drive away. The Amanzi resort looks absolutely stunning, I have never stayed in a room that has 3 out of 4 walls as glass, but I’d love to experience it one day. The views from the balcony and roof were breathtaking – you really got a great deal here x

  14. Whoa that boutique resort is so stunning! I like their common lounge area which you say serves also as a library. The floor to ceiling windows and that gives any interiors a magical touch and truly a taste of heaven. I also love how spacious the rooms are. A tech-free hotel gives you a total social media detox and brief respite from all the stress of a city. I wish I could visit Amanzi someday.

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