2 years of blogging and travelling

Tales of travelling sisters

Yayy, TOTS has successfully completed two years of blogging this month and we couldn’t be happier about it. This whole month has been a crazy whirlwind of activities and celebrations with Hema getting married last week and then us stepping into the third year of blogging. So it seemed like a perfect time to share our set of experiences of the past two years. When we decided to start our blog it was solely with an intention to share our experience with the world as we traveled. With time we were able to not only visit some of the beautiful places on earth but also learn some very important aspects of life and grow as a human being. 

Traveling when done with an open mind and heart does not just help you to know about a place, culture or their history but also helps you to learn a lot about yourself! There are many things one would discover about oneself by simple taking few steps and coming out of their comfort zone like your preferences in food, activities, how you deal with difficult situations and so on. These past two years we have come across people who have immensely appreciated and supported our work, helping us grow and reach our goals. While there were also people who brought forward negative thoughts, which in turn helped us work even hard :p. We got queried a lot on our decisions, our experience and of course our saneness in taking up this journey. Well, to satisfy all the curious souls here we share some of the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them.

Tales of travelling sisters
What prompted us to start TOTS?
While traveling has always been a passion for us, penning down our experiences and sharing it with the world was not something we ever dreamt about. One of the reasons behind blogging was the fact that while planning our vacations, we have often come across dead ends when it came to researching a place be it through wrong/ negative reviews or not enough information for vegetarian travelers. This, in turn, motivated us to share the information and mostly our positive experiences with everyone. So taking a leap faith and with our amateur writing skills, we decided to start Tales of Travelling Sisters.
• Are we crazy?
As much as we admit that we are crazy when it comes to traveling, we can certainly ensure that mentally we are going well.
• Do we ever go home?
Yes, ofcourse we do. This very post was written from the comforts of our home and we are as happy to be back home as we are while traveling. One important thing traveling taught was no matter where you are; always appreciate your hometown, culture and mostly your country. You cannot truly enjoy a new place if they don’t admire your own country.

Tales of travelling sisters
How difficult is traveling being a vegetarian?
As long as a person doesn’t look for his native cuisine in a foreign land, one can certainly manage well being a vegetarian. It does get difficult sometimes due to language barriers, local food options and that is when we give up and resort to whatever we can grab.
• Is it safe for girls to travel?
Speaking from experience, so far we haven’t encountered situations that would be termed as risky for girls in any way. As travelers, we always want to inspire other girls to seek and experience the joys of traveling. However we would also like to stress on the fact one should always be cautious and responsible for their safety and lastly as girls, always have each other’s back.

City of Bath
Our advice for all the travelers
Always remember to respect and appreciate other cultures, religions, and country. Do try not to judge a place or people on the basis of a bad experience and mostly spread positivity.
• Who writes our blog posts?
It is a two-girl team where we share work and responsibilities pertaining to the blog. Although it would be a dream come true to have an extended TOTS team, we are in no position to do it.
• The reason why we do not travel solo?
As much as we support solo traveling, we are happier when we have a partner to share all the beautiful memories. We strongly feel the need to have a constant companion who can participate equally in our adventures.
And lastly the question we have been asked more often recently
• What will happen to TOTS once we settle down with respective partners?
As long as we sisters have travel tales to share with the world, we will keep the blog up and running.
Travelling and blogging have become one of the important parts of our lives and we cannot imagine ourselves parting away from it. Thank you, everyone, for all the support and encouragement, we hope you all will keep the love coming.

40 thoughts on “2 years of blogging and travelling

  1. Congratulations Hema and Suma on your baby turning 2. Looking forward to another year of amazing posts about your adventures around the world!

  2. I am so happy reading about your journey. I am a Vegetarian too and love my home country – but have an urge to visit many places in the World.

    Double Cheers to your experiences. Hope to see many more from you both!

    1. Thank you Alok! Tasting vegetarian cuisine from different countries while traveling itself adds lot of excitement, don’t you agree? 😉

  3. Happy Blogaversary ladies!!! Love that you embrace not travelling solo and understand your need to have experiences with others as something that makes you happy. It’s always good to do things that make you happy 🙂

  4. Ohhhhh happy anniversary!!! 🙂

    So nice to hear the backstory of your blog. I’ve traveled with my sister on a roadtrip twice and we enjoyed it so much! I wish we can do that more often. I’m jealous of you. 🙁

  5. Grats! Great work – it’s hard to stay motivated for 3 months let alone 2 years. I’m in my 6th month and it’s hard to not run out of juice and energy ahaha – keep going!!!

  6. Congratulations on celebrating your 2 year blog anniversary! Interesting to get insight on your most frequently asked questions. There are similarities to the questions we get as family travel bloggers. I really agree that it’s good to be comfortable at home. We try to travel a lot in our home country as well!

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