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10 movies that would inspire every girl to travel

MovieWe often look for inspiration when we are trying to select a destination for travel through movies, books, pictures and travel magazines. Movies brings the picture we had in mind about a particular place into life with its stories connecting the characters to the location and making you want to experience the same. Here are the ten movies which inspires us to travel and explore, have fun and adventure, reinvent herself with the joys of life through travel.

1. Roman holiday (1953)The Roman Holiday

A fairytale story of Princess Ann who escapes from her country’s embassy while on tour in Rome and seeks for an adventure on her own. Exploring without any restrictions is every girls dream and this is what the Princess shows us by spending a day like a commoner, getting lost in Rome and experiencing the simple joys of a life.

2. Under the Tuscan sun (2003)

A simple comedy drama with a hint of romance, this movie shows us how travel can change your life in a very unexpected way. A recently divorced San Francisco based author, Frances Mayes travels to Tuscan and ends up investing in an old villa, rebuilding her life and learning to enjoy every moment of it.

3. Before sunrise (1995)

It is a story of two strangers who cross their paths while travelling in train and start talking and sharing their thoughts. As they hop off the train in Vienna to explore the city together, interacting with the locals as they walk around the local neighbourhoods. It is quite amazing to watch how their life changes during the time they spent together and shows us that travelling also teaches us to take risks, meet different people and learn new things.

4. Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008)

Set in the Spanish city of Barcelona, this is a story of two American girls, Vicky and Christina who travel to the vibrant city to spend their summer, and lose their heart to a local artist. The glimpse of magnificent Antoni Gaudi structures, Spanish countryside and the mouth-watering Tapas was inspiring enough to plan our trip to Barcelona. Nonetheless the alluring summer romance and catchy Spanish music this movie will surely make any itchy feet to book an air ticket and hop into a flight to Barcelona.

5. Sex and the city 2 (2010)

Sex and the city 2Four best friends from New York embark on an ultra-luxurious trip to Abu Dhabi all expenses paid by Mr. Sheik. An exotic holiday in a glitzy summer destination enjoying the flavours of Arabia will be every girl’s dream as they watch this movie. And yes this will also provide you with some travel fashion inspiration 😉

6. The sisterhood of travelling pants (2005)

Sisterhood of the traveling pants

Four high school friends decide to share a pair of pant as they are about to travel to different destinations during their summer holiday. Movie portrays the life of the teenage girls trying to make an eventful holiday without their best friends as they connect with their family, new friends and find love at unexpected places. From the picture perfect location of Greece to the sunny Mexico, this movie makes every girl wish to spend her vacation connecting with their best friends in a similar way.

7. Eat pray love (2010)

Eat Pray Love

Story of New York based Elizabeth Gilbert who takes a year off from her failing marriage and travels to Italy, India and Bali to find balance in her life. Liz’s travelogue tells us how she finds new joys as she explores the local delicacies of Italy, gets influenced by prayers in India and inspiration and true love in Indonesia.

8. Queen (2014)

A Bollywood chick flick which revolves around the life of Rani, who goes solo trip on her honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam after being dumped by her fiancé just before the wedding day. On her journey in a foreign land, Rani with witty humour and funny moments, manages to make new friends, discovers herself and learns what freedom means to her. So travel is not just about exploring and visiting new places, it teaches a lot more about being independent and responsible to oneself and be the queen of your life.

9. Letters to Juliet (2010)

A melodramatic love story in which a love letter written by a young British girl to her Tuscan love finds its way after 50 years when Sophie, an American visiting Verona along with her fiancé gets hold of a letter and replies in order to reunite the two love birds. The warm and breath-taking shots of Italian countryside, vineyards are definitely a source of inspiration to plan a visit to the city of Romeo and Juliet.

10.Madagascar (2005)

Very cute and funny animated movie which tempts us to plan a trip to the animal kingdom, spend our days midst the lush green forests and blue sunny beaches. And moreover how can we not want to dance to the groovy moves of “I like to move it move it…” as we sip on some exotic drinks in the Island.

So keep your bags packed and be ready to travel to your next destination while you watch these movies and also do let us know your travel inspiring movies .

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