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10 of our favourite travel gadgets

What would our world be without all those smart and helpful modern-day gadgets?? Well, we sure cannot imagine our life without our daily dose of gadgets.

Although sometimes we do get sick of them and decide to shun it from our lives, it still is an integral part of us as it has made our lives so much better. For travelers, gadgets play a vital role in connecting with our loved ones no matter where we are, capturing and sharing all our memories, pursuing other hobbies and so on. A lot of times we tend to consider these items too trivial to actually add them to our packing list, hence making a blunder of leaving them behind. So to make it easier for you guys to remember, here is a list of 10 gadgets that one must carry while traveling:

1. A good smartphone

We are pretty sure this is one item no one is going to forget before leaving their homes. Nevertheless, always do have an easy to carry, a well-working smartphone that has a good camera, 4G/3G service, and navigation features. Also, do not forget to download some very useful travel apps that will not only help organize your holidays but also reduces the hassle of carrying any other gadgets ;).

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2. GoPro Hero 4

GoPro Hero 4 is one of our latest acquisition and we are totally hooked to it. With its HD photo and video recording, built-in Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity and a user-friendly touchscreen, this is the must have a gadget for all the adventure lovers out there. Attach it to one of the many accessories and mounts like head and chest mounts, you can easily capture all the thrilling activities be it bungee jumping, scuba diving, skiing etc.

3. Camera

A decent camera with all the latest features available is a must have if you want to capture high-quality pictures. With so many new products being made available in the market, you might possibly have your head reeling and hence we would suggest you do your research well before investing in a good camera. As of now, our favorites are the Nikon D5200, Canon EOS 1200D among the SLRs and Fujifilm X100T in digital camera list.

4. Selfie stick and Tripod

Want to click a picture of yourself standing in front of your favorite monument or just want to pout and make silly faces with your girlfriends without having to stretch your arms like some elastic man/woman? Well, a selfie stick that is compatible with your smartphone or GoPro is the gadget you need to have with you to capture all your fun moments. In case, you want to take it a notch higher and wish to capture full shots of yourselves or click images under low light or in slow shutter speed one has to have a tripod along with them.

5. Hard disk/ SD card

If you have the habit of clicking every single moment of your trip and then end up consuming all the space in your memory card, do carry a spare set of SD card. We always carry our WD My Passport Ultra Hard Disk along with us so that we can keep all our images as a backup in them.

6. Portable power bank

Using smartphones continuously with several apps running drains away the battery very quickly. As we belong to the group of people who cannot live without their cellphones, we always make sure we have our Asus ZenPower Bank along with us. It is not only compact in size but also very lightweight and with a capacity of 10000mAh, it can easily charge your phone at least 3 times when the power bank is fully charged.

7. Laptop

For all those travellers who find it hard to stay away from their laptops especially when you are travelling for aΒ long duration, do invest in a good lightweight, compact laptop. Over the years, we have constantly tried and tested various laptop brands, finally settling down with MacBook Air as it is not only light in weight and fits in easily in most of our carry on handbags but also ticks off all over requirements.

8. Ipad

On aΒ long flight or train journeys, we prefer to keep ourselves occupied by watching movies, reading or catching up on our work. Having an IPad along with you is also a lifesaver if there is no good movie listed in theΒ in-flight entertainment

9. International plug adaptor

One of the least remembered item by almost everyone while travelling is the travel adaptor. This has to be one of the most essential travel accessories to pack as you will sometimes find it difficult to charge your electronic devices if the plug types are different. Also, you will end up spending unnecessary money on an adaptor every time. Hence to avoid all the hassles always have a universal plug adaptor that can easily be used in various countries.

10. Noise canceling Headphones

Lastly, do carry a good pair of noise canceling headphones to listen to your favourite music and also to shut the external noises so that you can doze off happily without disturbances.

Well, these are the 10 gadgets we always carry along with us while travelling; do leave a comment below to let us know your choice of must have travelgadgets. πŸ™‚

37 thoughts on “10 of our favourite travel gadgets

    1. Oh, you must invest in a selfie stick πŸ˜‰ It is easiest option to capture yourself while travelling solo.

  1. I literally just bought noise cancelling headphones and I CANNOT wait to try them out! I also would recommend an eye mask – I bought one about a year ago and it is one of my favourite things while travelling. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Great list! Must buy myself a portable power bank. I have a laptop with a detachable screen that works like a tablet, I get two products for the price of one πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Marteen! Totally intrigued by the detachable screen laptop, that will definitely top on our list of must try gadgets πŸ™‚ And yes do get a power bank, they are life saviours while travelling!!

  3. A great list. I’ve got all of them covered, except I lost a GoPro while cliff jumping in Chiang Mai and I don’t have noise cancelling headphones. Need to get me both of those things asap.

    The iPad and Laptop (Macbook Pro) though really weigh down my back bag.

  4. Great list! I’m considering investing in a Gopro in the near future — just need to decide if I’m willing to shell out the money for it! Thanks for sharing this info with us! πŸ™‚

    1. Your welcome Natasha :). We would suggest you to invest in a GoPro if you are a adventure traveller. Nothing like capturing all the exciting any thrilling moments of your travel.

  5. I’ve been typing with a go-pro for awhile now as I don’t have a camera that can be used anywhere near water! Perhaps its time to splurge and go for it!

  6. Have been hearing so much about GoPro Hero 4 . You have mentioned about taking photos as well with this. Does it take still pics also?
    Also, I am planning a hiking trip, will it make sense to buys one for that?

    1. Yes, it would be great choice for hiking trip. Do buy one of the accessories for easier access of the camera. And yes it does take still pics.

  7. Are you using the head and chest gear for gopro hero4? I have been contemplating if I should buy one because 1. I’m not really very active and will just use it most probably while swimming on the beach and 2. I think I would look silly with it. Lol.

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