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Urby Passport holder: A perfect travel accessory


Often along all the travel preparations, the least priority is given to the travel accessories which somewhere along the way serves a very important purpose to us. While packing all the main essentials for a trip, we generally tend to forget few documents or passport to carry or place it in our carry on bags. Keeping everything organized inside the suitcase to carry all the essential documents can be a bit of a task while packing. Hence, we use the various lifesaving organizers available now in the market for this purpose.


Organising travel documents such as visa, passport, travel itineraries, hotel reservations, tickets etc need the highest priority. Any kind of document organizer is one such important travel accessory which not only looks fancy carrying around but also comes very handy and useful.

We were very thrilled when we received personalized passport holders from Urby, who believes in offering premium, high-quality products at an affordable price. We have been using passport holder for years now and we have made the maximum use of each holder we used previously. So, we were very excited to use our new Urby passport holder. The passport holder we received were in two different shades, matte brown and tan brown with our names beautifully embossed in foil color which made it look really chic! As we sisters often travel together we usually tend to get confused with our passports, which eventually gets exchanged between us. But with personalized passport holder like Urby, this situation is most unlikely to happen.

Urby passport holder review

Usually, most of the leather passport holders come with a single or two compartments to hold a passport and a card, but in this Urby passport holder we were happy that we had more space and compartments to hold our cards, bonus there also a compartment on the back side of the holder as well. The finish of the product is extremely good, with the feel of luxury as it is handmade with premium quality leather by skilled craftsmen.

Urby passport holder review

Urby passport holder review

When the passport holder is not being used you can use the cloth drawstring bag to protect it from any damage. Overall, we loved the product and we definitely see ourselves using it in our many trips coming in future.

Urby passport holder review

You can check out rest of the products along with various options for passport holders by visiting their website: Click here 

This post is written in Collaboration with Urby, however, our opinion is our own.

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43 thoughts on “Urby Passport holder: A perfect travel accessory

  1. How classic looking are the Urby Passport holders. I love the leather work both on the outside and inside. These would be great for any passport. Mine looks like it has been run through the washer and dryer and then buried in a wet mud pile cause i am always travelling. I worry that it will fall apart but having a great passport holder from Urby would keep it looking as new as the day I got it!

  2. What a lovely product! Keeping documents organized is so important on a trip. This looks like it’s made of quality materials and craftsmanship. And it’s also not too bulky. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i love the look of these passport holders! I need to get something to protect mine… I usually just throw it in whatever bag I am bringing as a carry-on. Definitely looks like a great way to protect my passport for future travels.

    1. If you travel frequent;y then you highly recommend you to get one to protect your passport from wear n tear..:)

  4. I’ve never heard of this brand before but ti looks nice! I have one from Aspinall and never travel without it. A must for me when travelling.

  5. Although I do find these passport holders quite classy, I am not a fan of using passport holders anymore. I had some really cool and colorful ones and everytime I’d be at passport control in a country, they’d ask me to remove the passport from the cover and present it and it was too much hassle to do that so eventually I stopped using any. Now I have a bunch of them lying locked up somewhere, almost unused 🙁

    1. That’s the only drawback of using a passport cover! But without a holder our passport got small damage once so now we stick to using even though we have to remove it at the immigration…

  6. I’ve been looking for a passport holder for the longest time so thanks for introducing me to this awesome one! I love the cursive “passport” text too. Super chic and useful for travelling!!

  7. Passport holders are becoming more and more creative and attractive. The customized name pin that comes along with it makes it more personal. However, personally (as a backpacker) i think that these holders occupy more space or it becomes that one extra thing to carry which you can do without.

  8. Very beautiful looking item! I especially love the gold foil writing on the covers. I’m glad you will no longer get your passports mixed up! 😉

  9. Agree.. a passport holder is a must for travelers. And one which has some extra sleeves and pockets like this one, goes an additional step for me. Because I can always put some money or important papers along with the passport for my day tours, without having to carry a big wallet with me.

  10. You are so right, I spend so much time thinking about what to pack and never really consider accessories. My passport is suffering the worst from this as well so this is a great tip. Might just have to invest in one.

  11. A good passport holder comes in very handy. It is a great way to keep oneself organized and ensure that you can access important documents including passports quickly and conveniently. I also like the elegant look of the Urby passport holder. The personalization, of course, lends it a touch of class.

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