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Easy tips to stay cool in summer


As the temperature in India has slowly begun to soar, we all have start preparing ourselves for upcoming summer heat. We tend to try every trick in the book to keep ourselves cool, as the weather gets unbearable. If ignored, the heat has adverse effects on your body such as dehydration, heat stroke, rash on the skin and so on. Excessive heat also drains all your energy, leaving you tired and weak to do anything.

Hence it is very necessary to take precautionary steps to avoid/ overcome the effects of the intense summer heat. In order to help you guys beat the summer heat, TOTS has some easy tips to stay cool during summers:

  • Ensure to stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water is the key to fun and successful summer! Make sure you drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily. This will not only flush out the toxins from your system but also keep you cool and helps you retain the fluid in your body that was lost in the form of sweat. If you are bored of drinking just water, switch to lime water, green tea, coconut water, fresh fruit juices, and coolers etc. Also, you can try infused water by adding cucumber, mint, basil or any citrus fruits thus adding cool flavor to your water. If you are a coffeeholic, it is best to try and reduce the daily coffee intake as caffeine increases the heat in the body.

Summer health tips

  • Increase seasonal fruit intake

Summers have some of the most delicious and nutritious fruits like mango, litchi, watermelon, muskmelon, pear and so on. Relish on these summer fruits throughout the day, as they are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Regular intake of fruits will help you retain energy during the hot days. Also, these fruits have high water content, thus keeps the body well hydrated.

Summer health tips

  • Eat light meals

Avoid eating junk food/ processed or meals that are very oily, as it takes time to digest and thus making you feel uneasy and hot very easily. Also, do remember to not have too spicy or salty food to avoid dehydration and indigestion. Keep your meals lighter and make sure to include lots of green vegetables, sprouts, cucumber and bitter gourds. Also, add buttermilk/ yogurt to your diet as it cools your system instantly.

  • Always apply sunscreen

If you are staying indoors or going out, always remember to apply sunscreen. Invest in a sunscreen that is water based with good SPF (30 or more) and generously apply it all over before you step out. Applying sunscreens protects your skin from harsh rays of the sun and thus avoiding sunburn or any severe damage to your skin. However, it is best if you avoid stepping out when it is very sunny. Also, stalk up on good Aloe Vera gel to soothe the exposed skin.

Summer health tips


  • Change your skincare and makeup routine

Use a good gel based moisturizer during the summer to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Cleanse and exfoliate your face to remove impurities and sweat buildup. During summers, it is best to avoid applying excessive makeup, as heat and humidity will make your face greasy. Apply light makeup using products that are waterproof and gel based. Keep a face mist, wet tissues, blotting papers and deodorants in your vanity bag while traveling to instantly refresh your face whenever necessary.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

Choose cotton or linen fabrics over synthetic clothes to keep yourself comfortable and cool when you are out. Pick up some lighter shade clothes as part of your summer wardrobe.

Summer health tips


  • Plan a getaway to a cooler destination

This tip is highly recommended by us sisters in particular. To get a break from the blistering summers, plan a holiday to a hill station or a place with a cooler climate. We sisters always plan a mid-summer holiday and just thinking about or planning the upcoming vacation lightens up our mood during the hot days.

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  • Keep up with your exercise routine

During summers one generally gets demotivated to workout or do any form strenuous activity. The ideal time to workout would be early morning or late evening to avoid unnecessary sweating and discomfort. However, we would also suggest not overexerting yourself and causing stress to your body. Sheetal Pranayam is a great exercise to cool your mind and body and also to relax.

  • Take frequent cold showers

Taking cold showers after a hot day or even to start your day during summers is an ideal way to cool your body and feel fresh instantly. Cold showers also soothe the heated skin and prevent heat rashes and boils.

Hope you guys found these tips useful and incorporate into your daily routine during summer. Do let us know how do you beat the summer heat and what other ways to stay healthy in the comment below! 






57 thoughts on “Easy tips to stay cool in summer

  1. I’m feeling refreshed just having read this post! You guys give some great tips on staying cool in summer. I always make sure I stay hydrated, and wear loose clothing that lets my skin breathe. Nothing worse than being sweaty!

    1. Hahaha, completely agree! Light breathable fabrics are the most comfortable clothes during summer.

  2. This is a very helpful post with a lot of great suggestions. I do get tired of plain water, so I agree with getting fruit-infused water. I also like sparkling water. It cuts through the thirst more for me. 🙂

  3. Hydration is definitely key. We sometimes forget how much we are outside and don’t pack water with us. Fruit is a great idea and not one we readily thought of. I also think infused water is a great idea. Aloe Vera is a gift from the gods.

  4. As a person who loves to indulge in fruits, I find summer to be the perfect season for it. Fruits are good not only for hydration and the health in general, but they are tasty! Yummy !

  5. These are good reminders. Drinking lots of water is a good advice any time of the year, and even then I tend to forget it! I grew up in that part of the world…I am so familiar with the heat…just thinking about gives me the headache! Good tips!

  6. Great tips! About the clothes, wearing dry-fit ones or rashguards will make you cool and comfortable. The material “wicks” away the sweat rather than absorbing them, allowing the moisture to evaporate as it permeates to the surface. At the same time, the material is light and allows air to go in.

    1. Oh yes, the dry fit fabrics are really amazing. it is a great choice for summers. Thanks for sharing!

  7. A very useful post with a lot of great tips. Having spent a major part of my life in India, I have experience of the hot Summers there and totally agree about staying well hydrated in the Summers. Mangoes are my favourite Summer fruit followed by watermelon. Also, love the tender coconut. So refreshing on a hot summer day.

  8. Great tips! Hydration is definitely the key and that coconut looks amazing! Our summers here in SoCal don’t get as hot as many other places but these tips will definitely come in handy for my upcoming trip to Mexico.

  9. All excellent tips for handling the hot summers and staying safe. I always love chilled watermelon for hydrating in the summer. It just seems to do a better job than just plain water.

  10. OMG if only I had the time and resources to cleanse and exfoliate my face whilst I’m backpacking! It’s one of the things I can’t wait to get back to when my trip is over. You’ve covered some really important tips there. I particularly like what you’ve said about exercise. I always try and get up at 6am to exercise when I’m in hot countries (when I’m in a routine that is) and it makes me feel so much better about my day.

  11. These are good suggestions. Sometimes I get bored with water even though I know it’s important. It’s a good tip to add things to the water like cucumber. Summer fruits are delicious too! And sunscreen is so important.

    1. Infused waters are great option if you don’t like having water all the time. Do try and let us know if you liked it.

  12. Sitting at Hyderabad, slowly stewing at a temperature of 41 Degree Celsius, this post is very relevant right about now. I follow most of the suggestions, except the face/skincare routine, which my facial hair sort of prevents me from doing. However, one can always do more.

    1. Hahaha, we understand. But do try to use sun protection while going outdoors during the day, it is really important.

  13. I find high temperatures really debilitating so advice on keeping cool is always welcome. I ate that it’s important to drink lots of water and eat lightly so that your body is not heating up as it tries to digest a heavy meal. Fruit is always a tasty option!

  14. We are still a few months away from summer here in Canada but you’ve given good tips! The easiest solution for me is staying hydrated. Fresh fruit juices and coconut water sound appealing! I also use sunscreen as much as possible.

  15. Many “cool” and helpful tips, I can totally agree. In summertime, especially in regions with high humidity I sweat like crazy and it is absolutely essential to drink a lot. Ideally, as you also suggest with additional minerals or some fruit juices. The heat is remorseless and that’s why especially drinking is the most essential thing. Many people underestimate the danger of that, This is why your tips are very important.

  16. Great tips! It is easy to remember to drink water, especially when I am thirsty. Cotton and linen fabrics really make the difference and people usually do not even think about clothing material. I remember sunblock in the morning, and I need someone to remind me to reapply the sunblock every few hours.

    1. Oh yes, we do need to reapply the sun screen as often as we can while we are out in the sun for long durations.

  17. Hydration is so important. We also make an effort to schedule more activities in the morning and evenings to avoid the heat of the day. We are new to Florida so going to the coast and freshwater springs is something that everybody here seems to love.

  18. So many great tips for the upcoming summer! I love summer fruits especially mango, and watermelon. Wearing comfortable clothes is definitely helpful as well. I just bought a suncream yesterday, and I will need to use it soon.

  19. Lovely tips for staying cooler in summers. I too prefer Wearing comfortable, light colored clothes. Drinking lits of fluids is also very important.

  20. Being hydrated and wearing sunscreen lotion are very important. Also wearing light-fabric clothes is a must. And stay outdoor with many trees coz those places gives cooler air.

  21. At this point of time when North India is bearing extreme heat, the above tips are very helpful. Drinking water is very important. Rather during travels, I prefer to keep drinking coconut drink and buttermilk. They both are very good for body and skin. Applying sunscreen is something that I had to be advised by doctor and only then I made it a part of my daily routine.

    1. Oh yes, lot of us do not include sunscreen in our daily skincare regime. It is really important to make everyone aware of the benefits on your skin.

  22. It is a very great content about tips for a healthy summer. I have more benefited from your website and this post. I have got more necessary tips from your blog.thanks for this good and more effective post.

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