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Tips on how to stay healthy while on vacation

While the sole purpose of taking a vacation is to cut back on the stress, relax, explore new places and enjoy every bit of it, sometimes we tend to neglect our health. Being in a holiday mode, everyone feel like giving up their day-to-day health/ fitness routine and thus end up having to burn a couple of extra calories once we are back home. We have listed down some simple tips below, which will help you take care of yourself with least effort.Travel tip

1. Know your destination

Prior to making any reservations, do a thorough research of the destination to know about the climatic conditions, any existing health hazards and so on.

2. Carry a first aid kit along

A well-stocked first aid kit is one of the must carry items while travelling. Although we usually forget to pack items like Band-Aids, antibiotics and personal meditation, these are the essential things to carry. Trying new cuisines might not always be suitable for our digestive system, thus resulting in stomach upsets and indigestion, hence do not forget to include medicines to improve digestion or digestive supplement like probiotic tablets.

3. Take it easy for the first few hours

It is quite natural that we cannot contain our excitement when we are travelling to a new place. However it is necessary to keep things light for the first few hours after your journey so that your body adjusts to the change in time, weather, etc.

4. Take precaution for jet lag

Though it’s often not considered very important, jet lag can be one of the major hindrances after a long flight journey. You can reduce/prevent jet lag by following some of the tips we have listed here.

5. Drink lots of fluids.

Always carry a bottle of water everywhere you go, be it hiking or city tour or just lounging around in the pool. Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water and drinks that are loaded with vitamins throughout the day. It will also help you avoid jet lag after a long flight journey and also be fresh with little effort.

6. Be on the foot

One of the best ways to stay active while travelling is to explore the place by foot. Apart from burning calories, walking around has several advantages like reducing the transportation costs and enjoying the place from local’s perspective. Book your accommodation close to city centre or where majority of the attractions are. This will help you plan short walks between different spots without worrying much about tiring yourself out.

7. Sleep well

It is very important to rest and have a good sleep to let your body adjust to the new place quickly. Although we wish to explore and try a lot of new things while travelling, we try to limit the activities so that our body does not experience fatigue at the end of the day.

8. Exercise and meditate

One of the best ways not feel guilty while indulging in desserts or any kind of high calorie food is by committing to spend atleast an hour of your day for a power workout session. If your accommodation is inclusive of gym access, then make good use of it whenever possible. One can also practice yoga or meditate to relieve stress and exercise the body muscles.

Travel Tip9. Eat a hearty breakfast

Our power mantra while travelling is to indulge in a breakfast to reboot and reenergize ourselves everyday. As this is one of the important meals of the day, make it a protein rich breakfast and also make sure never to skip it.Travel tip

10. Carry snacks and fruits

Always carry a bag snacks containing dry fruits, protein bars or some fresh fruits with you so that you can curb your hungry pangs more easily when its difficult to find a good restaurant.

11. Consume alcohol moderately

Hangover is one last thing anybody would like to suffer from while travelling. It’s always the advisable to limit your alcohol consumption.

12. Choose your restaurants wisely

Inorder to avoid stomach upsets or any other form of health issues it is always wise to carefully consider the place where you would have your meals. Do your research and look up for the reviews about the restaurants location, food they serve and service.

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  1. Hi,
    Great tips indeed. health is main point which we have to care during travel and you shared very good points regarding health.Most of people neg late health issue during vacation but it’s not good for our body. So thank you for sharing valuable tips on how to stay healthy while on vacation.

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