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Tips on how to avoid jet lag

jetlagTravelling across multiple time zones whether eastwards or west jeopardises the internal clock of our body and hence, leads to Jet lag. The common symptoms of this are fatigue, loss of sleep, confusion, stomach problems etc. Here are few tips which we usually try before, during and after our long distance flights:

  1. Rest before you leave: Although it is very normal to be super excited about the upcoming travels we suggest you to have ample of rest. It is ideal to catch some good sleep and rest your body to reduce fatigue.
  2. Flight schedules: We usually opt for overnight flights so that we get to relax and sleep during our journey and arrive at the destination next day feeling fresh.
  3. Keep hydrated: Drink lots of fluid especially water to keep you hydrated before your travel, while on flight and after you arrive at your destination. Try and reduce intake of any kind of sugar contained juice, alcohol and caffeine. Change in cabin pressure and also high altitudes during your flight can cause dehydration and intake of caffeine or alcohol may also cause effect to your sleep leading to jet lag.
  4. Catch some sleep while on air: If you are arriving at the destination in the morning have a nice sleep so that you can be up and about to explore the place. Whereas if you are landing during the night you can stay awake or take small naps so that you can hit the bed once you reach.
  5. Adjusting to the new time zone: It might seem weird but adjusting your sleeping pattern to that of the destination prior to your departure helps you a great deal. Also, once you are up in the air set your watch to the destination time, this helps to mentally prepare yourself for the new timezone.
  6. Enjoy the Sun: Have a stroll in sunlight once you arrive at your destination and if possible do some light exercise as this will help you shake off the stiffness caused from the travelling.
  7. Eat and sleep accordingly: Once you have reached your destination, make sure to have your meals according to the local meal time. Wait until sunsets to catch up on your lost sleep so that it helps your body to get used to the new time zone.
  8. Earthing: It’s scientifically proved that walking bare foot on the grass connects our body to the earth and helps in reducing jet lag effects.
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8 thoughts on “Tips on how to avoid jet lag

  1. I can relate to many of your tips. On my recent trip to Australia, I landed in Melbourne at 6AM and having travelled across India and the US 3 days prior to that, it was essential to be prepared (especially mentally).

    Loved this post…sharing with my audience on Twitter!

    1. Oh wow, thats a pretty hectic travelling schedule. We hope you didn’t suffer from jet lag, that is a serious hindrance if you have a packed schedule.
      And thanks for sharing this with your readers Alok 🙂

    1. Thank u Archana. We can relate to what you are saying. Even though we all know the downside of jet lag, we are way too excited about the travels to consider taking precautions 😉

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