How to avoid bloating while traveling!

As many of us prep our body (we know most of the girls agree with us on this ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) for an upcomingย vacation where we try to shed some extra weight either by opting for workout sessions or simply trying to eat healthy and all our efforts are gone waste when this โ€œBloatingโ€ happens.

Many of you might have wondered why we feel heavy, some kind uneasiness, swollen and gassy while travelling. Yes, thatโ€™s right we feel all the ugly things going on in our body, especially in our tummy. So, what is this bloating thing? And why does it happen when we donโ€™t need it to happen?

Eat healthy!

In simple words, bloating is nothing but an abnormal protruding of our stomach due to buildup of gas in our digestive system which does not only look bad but also causes lot of discomfort. Bloating can happen to anyone, both men and women, even children. Having experienced it ourselves in most of our travels in the past, we thought of sharing few tips on this with our readers as how to avoid or reduce bloating while traveling.

What causes bloating?

Bloating while travelling, either by air or by road can be caused due to reduced movement to our body as we sit crammed in our seats for a long time.ย  Also, few medical researchers say that when you travel by flight, as the cabin pressure decreases there is an increase volume in our body, resulting in bloating. Bloating can also be caused due to our diet as we tend to indulge in lot of fatty and high salty foods, sodas etc. A jet-lagged body when we travel to different time zones can also be one of the reasons.

Symptoms of bloating

Although bloating may not be a major health issue to be considered while traveling but without our knowledge it can causes a lot of discomforts, uneasiness in our body which can damper our mood and spoil our vacation.

How to avoid bloating?

By just following few simple and easy steps we can avoid or reduce bloating.

  • While traveling in flight try moving around or try to take small walks inside the flight. Avoid consuming alcohol and caffeinated drinks, gas producing foods (broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts etc.) sparkling water or any form of sodas, instead stick to the still water to keep yourself hydrated. Also, avoid chewing gums on the plane as you tend to swallow lot of air into your body (stomach), which in turn makes you feel gassy and avoid sugar-free products.
Fresh fruit juices are always a win!
  • It is said that bacteria in our intestine are known to produce gas that results in bloating. So, to avoid this start taking some probiotic supplements (e.g, Yakult), preferably one or 2 weeks before your travel, as it helps in building healthy bacteria within our body which in turn helps in better absorption of the nutrients.
  • It might be very tempting to eat whatever we see delicious, but try to content yourself with your regular portions as your body is not used to such huge portions and have your meal routines somewhat similar to your home. Stick on having small portions instead of stuffing yourself and then going through all the uneasiness.
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  • Try to avoid food with high fat and salt contents and instead opt for healthy stacks and fiber rich food. Eat as much as fresh fruits and vegetables, fiber in this helps tin better bowel movement and prevent bloating.As we all are tempted to sample local cuisines while traveling, do a proper research or consult the locals as where you can find good local food and know the place and hygiene before ordering there and be cautions on what you are ordering as our body wont be used to foreign food.
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  • Our biological clock goes through a lot of changes when we travel to a different time zone as we might be eating while we must be sleeping and vise versa. So, try to keep yourself awake if you have arrived at a destination during when its still day.
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As they say “Staying healthy is happy traveling”, we hope you found these tips helpful for a healthier travel. Also do share your thoughts on the post and if you do more helpful tips to avoid bloating please share in the comments below.

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