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Why Turkey has to be in your travel list!

Our trip to Turkey was totally an out of an impulse plan made while we were looking for a trip which would cost us cheap air tickets and easy visa as we had a valid Schengen visa.

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A country like Turkey needs no introduction as it is known for its exhilarating beauty, myths and legends and how a traveler to this ancient country can enjoy every bit of his time there.

Since Turkey is spread across two continents it had played a major role in Silk Route connecting east to west. This plus, Roman and Ottoman empires ruled over this country for centuries and has contributed in various aspects be it history, art, architecture and traces of this can still be seen in the monuments, cuisine, culture, etc. Time has tamed its current culture, both ancient and modern go hand in hand and must say traveling to Turkey is like traveling back in time.

With all the recent turmoil unfolding in this beautiful country, one might think twice before planning a trip but life is always a risk and to experience such beauty who wouldn’t take one. So, we took this risk and visited Turkey and it was all worth it. So, here are few reasons why you must visit Turkey.


Turkey is one such country which has witnessed great civilizations and empires from the Hittites, Hellens, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Persian to Ottoman in the past and all this have helped in shaping its fascinating and rich history. To get a glimpse of Turkey’s history one must travel there and get a real feel of how it must have all been in the bygone era as their monuments and ruins sing the songs of its glorious past.

Things to do in Turkey
The secret chapel inside the Kaymakli underground city which was built during Hittite times near Cappadocia
Things to do in Turkey
Basilica Cistern which was built beneath the city of Istanbul in the 6th century during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I


Turkey is a secular nation where one can see diversity in heritage and customs across the country. Although Turkey has 90% Muslim population, it has a fusion culture of both Eastern and Western and I was quite surprised to find out that drinking beer and wine was legal here as alcohol is not allowed to consume in the Muslim religion. The Turks are extremely friendly and welcoming people and often you would get invited to drink çay (Turkish tea) and for long conversations. Also, rich history and this diverse culture can be seen embedded in the daily lifestyle of the people.

Things to do in Turkey
Turkish evil eye or Nazar boncuğu can often be found hanging on trees and in shops and houses as the locals believe that it is used to protect from the evil.


The architecture and the ancient ruins of Turkey are spectacular and as we all know Turkey is the homeland for some of the world’s finest buildings ranging from ancient monasteries, castles to mosques. Some of these ruins are built thousands of years ago and they still stand gloriously.

Thinsg to do in Turkey
The massive Hierapolis theater was constructed under the reign of Hadrian probably in 60 AD


Things to do in Turkey
Inside the Blue Mosque!
Things to do in Turkey
Cave dens of Cappadocia!
Things to do in Turkey
The old town of Antalya!


If you are not so keen on history and the past of Turkey, you have abundant gorgeous and unique landscapes to enjoy here. Turkey is truly blessed with incredibly diverse landscapes from flamboyant Mediterranean coastal towns, fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, enjoy the hot springs by lying on the cotton castle at Pamukkale, climb up to the 4th century Sumela Monastery which is built into a steep cliff of one of the valleys of Pontic mountains or the legendary Mount Ararat which has been mentioned in the Book of Genesis as the landing place of Noah’s Ark following the flood and also the highest peak in Turkey.

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Things to do in Turkey
Things to do in Turkey
Fairy chimneys in Cappadocia


Right from Kahvalti (breakfast) which is a lavish spread of fruits, varieties of bread, honey, dry fruits, cheese and it goes on to their succulent baklavas and kebabs Turkey is definitely a country for the food lovers. It was so hard to control from stuffing myself with all these delicious food around and even for Vegetarians, there is ample of option to be relished on. And this deserves a separate post on Turkish cuisine.

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Things to do in Turkey
Things to do in Turkey
Turkish delight

Things to do in Turkey

Things to do in Turkey

Relax and rejuvenate

And after all the sightseeing, hiking and other adventures in Turkey, if one needs to just sit back and relax this country once again has ample of options to do so. Spend a day in one of the Mediterranean coastal towns or relax your nerves by bathing in hot springs of Pamukkale or simply visit the nearest Hammam and indulge in the traditional Turkish baths.

Things to do in Turkey
Inside the Hammam!


Things to do in Turkey


Do you wish to visit Turkey someday? What would you like to do when you visit Turkey? Do let us know your thoughts about Turkey in the comments below!! 


57 thoughts on “Why Turkey has to be in your travel list!

  1. Great to see that how well you cover such a beautiful country in your blog with literature and pictures. I remember there is also a famous street which turns into a barbecue heaven every evening and held an important place in world heritage site. The reason Turkey is not a very fanatic country may be because it was a major link between Europe and Asia, also a strategic position in silk route. This works as a mix of culture from two large continent.

    1. Thank you Mithun! Yeah, Turkey is very liberal when compared to other Middle East countries and we can see traces of both Eastern and Islamic culture co-exsisting harmoniously here. I missed out on the barbecue street, do you know the name of that street?

  2. The snaps are alluring, Turkey is one of most desirable destinations in my wishlist. Islamophobia is another syndrome that keep people away from few stunning, hospitable destinations. Malaysia, Indonesia,Turkey, UAE, Jordan, Iran, Maldives,, Egypt, Morocco…all are so rich in culture, history, architecture and breathtaking landscapes.

    1. Thanks Amitava! We completely agree with you, hope all these issues end soon and we get to travel freely without any fear…:)

  3. seems like you had a great time in Turkey, a place I definitely would want to visit one day to have a first hand experience of its rich history and culture.
    I also like the fact that your post is not just about the itinerary you must have followed from ‘day 1′ to day ’37’, but has been broken down into categories such as ‘architecture’, ‘landscape’ and ‘culture’. This makes for a more interesting read in my opinion, and gives me a clear picture of what you experienced, as opposed to what you did there.

  4. I always wanted to go to Turkey…. Blue mosque, Hierapolis theater, Cappadocia and Turkish cuisine are few things I must want to see & experience. Your post is inspiring and helpful for future reference.

  5. wow ! You mention a brief history of this nation with beautiful pictures . It was our best friend till year 2000 but after that it becomes like a rival in political scenario . overall good pictures are coming from there through your lenses

  6. Turkey definitely didn’t need more back up to keep its place on my list of dream destinations, but I guess your post has just fuelled it up even more! The Pamukkale hot springs sort of look like salt mines – at first glance, and before reading the above paragraph, I thought they were. Cappadoccia and Istanbul are the two places in Turkey I’d most love to go, although I’m sure with a bit more research I’d come up with an endless list!

    1. Thats true Rhiannon! The more you do your research, you end up having more places/ things to see in Turkey and Turkey is such a country where one visit is not enough… 🙂

  7. The blue mosque is soo on my list and all those Turkish Delights look soo yummy. And the evil eyes are super cool. Did not know turkey had those in their trees. Would also love to see a whirling dervish while I am there. Another thing on the list!! Lol.

    1. For some reason we could relate Turkey to India because of its diversity, rich and ancient culture and given an opportunity, yea even we would like to go there gain. Will check your post on evil eye…:)

  8. I am going to Turkey this fall and I’m not worried about the political situation. I have learnt 2 things from your post which will affect my trip, I will visit the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia and the hot springs of Pamukkale. I think Pamukkale hot springs will photograph superbly (like your photo!).

    1. Hey James! We missed out on Pamukkale, although I was very excited to go there We changed our mind and spent two days in Anatalya instead.. 🙂 We have mentioned the source of this picture.

  9. Turkey is just another one of those countries – more you read about the country, more reasons it gives you to explore! I just hope the country doesn’t suffer due to stupidity of some group of “non-humans!” – if you know what I mean.

    1. That’s true! Because of few people the country as whole is being criticized. I would say I dint get to explore even half of what Turkey has to offer, I want to go back again soon…:)

  10. We went to Turkey in 2006 for our honeymoon and loved it. We went to a lot of the same places as you. it’s so diverse: Istanbul to Cappadocia to the Mediterranean. We did not get to Pamukkale, which looks gorgeous. It reminds me of the Mammoth Terraces in Yellowstone.

  11. Pamukkale looks heavenly. I would love to see Fairy Chimneys — rocky landscapes like that fascinate me. 🙂

    Great pictures as always, girls. Hey, it was interesting reading about the evil eye.

  12. I will ditto your thoughts on how Turkey is a great place to visit! We stumbled onto a trip to Turkey, too. I had plans for Greece that year but the airfare to Istanbul was too tempting. It was an incredible trip. We visited the same sites you did! Lovely trip and wonderful people. I’d love to go back.

  13. I have never been to Turkey and I would love to visit one day. I am so glad that you found ample vegetarian dishes in Turkey. The nazar blue things are so cute and I would love to buy them one day. Great pictures and Pamukale has been added to my wish list.

  14. i love this place! also discovered places from your this article! but after what have happened to this country in past year I am a bit scared to travel there! hope everything settle down there very soon and we traveler can enjoy the beauty of the place 🙂

  15. Turkey is totally on my travel list now!! I can’t wait to visit and explore all the places you suggested above. I can’t believe I haven’t managed to get there yet and I have friends living in Istanbul who could host me!!! hahah!! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. I lived just across the sea from this beautiful country and never visited it. Such a lack of vision! Hope to correct this mistake in the future. Thanks for the inspiring post and lovely photos.

  17. fascinating post..!! Pamukkale is so eye catching,it intrigued me to learn more abt that..turkey is a gorgeous place..would love to visit there someday..its definitely going to be in my travel list:)
    thanks for sharing ur experience..

  18. I have been wanting to return to Turkey, a country I have visited several times. You did a marvelous job of capturing some of the beautiful and interesting sites there. Good for you for making the trip to this incredible country and sharing your experience. Hope to get back there soon.

  19. What a great post. You have made Turkey sound and look absolutely amazing. Turkey, or more specifically Istanbul has been on our bucket list for a while, but I’ve never heard of some of these things. The fairy chimneys and Pamukkale look fantastic. The point about alcohol is interesting considering the Muslim dominated culture, but that’;s even more good news for us. Thanks for sharing your adventure, it looks like you had a great time!

  20. I can’t agree with you enough, everyone really should visit Turkey at least once. Sure, a few people might be a little perturbed by the worrying political climate there at the minute but really, with so much history and so many incredible sights, it would be a shame if that kind of thing got in the way. The cave dens of Cappadocia really are amongst the most incredible things I’ve ever seen

  21. Turkey is beautiful. I visited in 2012 when there were no fears. The people were so good and I had the same feelings that you mentioned iin your post. Cappadocia was my favourite part 🙂

  22. Great round-up of Turkey! Your post covered the history, culture, cuisine … all that a culture-oriented traveler needs to know about Turkey! I have enjoyed reading your post much!

  23. Great post 🙂 Turkey has always been high on our radar and we really want to go soon. This post has helped us see why we really need to get there. Looks like there is some incredible things to see and do. Also that meal in the picture looks very delicious 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  24. Incredible post. Planning a trip to Turkey soon. Curious to know how you travelled around Turkey? Did you fly in between the cities, Please share your Itinerary and the number of the days you spent in each city etc. Thanks 🙂

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