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Hillstations of IndiaAs the month of April starts, the temperature in almost all parts of India starts increasing. With everyone complaining about the scorching weather, it’s also that time of the year when the kids enjoy their summer break and parents look at options to take their kids on vacation. After sharing a few tips on how to stay healthy from the scorching heat of the summer we now share our list of summer getaways in India.

The best getaways are the hill stations during summer and India has a myriad of options to choose from as we have 20 different mountains range from across the country. These mountains vary not just in their locations but the flora and fauna, culture, people, views and cuisine as well 😉 (How can we forget to indulge in local cuisine while on vacation!). So, we have put together a list of hill stations both popular as well as hidden gems in the list below:


Popularly known as a skiing destination, Gulmarg is a tiny yet beautiful hill station located on Western Himalayas surrounded by spectacular views and picturesque landscapes. Gulmarg is an ideal location for both adventure seekers and nature lovers as it houses country’s biggest golf course which looks very scenic during summer with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. There are also plenty of shots for picnic and trekking options to go from Gulmarg.


With its lush green meadows filled with yellow blooms, dense, thick forest and view of snow clad mountain ranges on the horizon, Yusmarg is too beautiful to be true. Yusmarg is the best-hidden wonder of Kashmir with the only handful of tourist visiting this place even though it is approximately 47 kilometers from Srinagar. Although Yusmarg is considered mostly as a day trip from Srinagar staying here for at least one night would be the most amazing experience.


With its arid and awe-inspiring unique landscape, Ladakh which is known as “Land of high passes” would be nothing like any other hill stations in India. Along with its scenic beauty, Ladakh mesmerizes its visitors with the friendly culture, colorful monasteries, and palaces built on the dramatic landscape and breathtaking lakes. Ladakh provides loads of sightseeing as well as trekking opportunities.


Named after the British Governor General Lord Dalhousie, this scenic hill station has become one of the favorite holiday destinations among Indians. The tall deodar and pine trees, lush forests, scenic drives across hills makes one lost in the world of tranquility, leaving you enthralled with its natural beauty. Read more about the scenic hill station of Dalhousie here.

Trek to Dainkund Peak Dalhousie
From the top of Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie


Known as the “Queen of hills”, Mussoorie has been a favorite destination among us Indians for years. Surrounded by lush greenery, majestic mountains, beautiful waterfalls, wildlife sanctuary Mussoorie makes for a perfect family getaway destination during summer. Treat yourself to one of the spectacular sunrises where the sun rises above the fluffy bed of clouds and mountains peaks by trekking up to one of the peaks of Mussoorie.


This small town of Darjeeling located in the Eastern Himalayan Range is surrounded by tea gardens and scenic mountains for which it is world famous. Breath-taking sunrise with perfect scenic valleys, amazing weather, the walk through the old colonial structure and the aroma of the freshly brewed tea, all of these make a perfect reason to visit Darjeeling. Read all about our Darjeeling Tales here.Darjeeling, Summer Getaway of India


Often described as “Scotland of the East” Shillong is surrounded by lush greenery and numerous waterfalls and lakes which one would enjoy by just watching it or taking up one of the many adventure actives conducted here. If you want to enjoy more of nature then take a short day trip from this quaint town to one of the cleanest city in Asia, Mawlynnong or to a surreal, fairytale-like emerald colored magical lake Dwaki, where you will run short of words to describe their beauty.


Coorg can be described as the land of misty hills, breathtaking views, tea and coffee plantations, dense forest and a vibrant local culture. If you have to just lazy around and get away from the hustle bustle of the city life, Coorg is the ideal place. If not, explore the surrounding wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, coffee estates and indulge yourself in various adventure activities here.

Summer Getaway, India
Abbey Falls, Coorg


Tucked in the Tropical rainforests of Western Ghats of South India, Wayanad is a slice of paradise with invigorating wilderness and verdant beauty housing many beautiful birds and animals. With pleasant weather during summer and occasional showers, Wayanad is enchanting and romantic making it a perfect summer getaway. Read about magical stay at Pepper Trail Resorts, Wayanad here.

The vantage point to view The Nilgiris from Thovarimala


This beautiful, breathtaking hill station of God’s Own Country looks like it has been laid with green carpet all over on its surrounding valleys with clouds rolling over it. Known for its pleasant weather and scenic views of the tea plantations during summer, Munnar is one of the best hill stations in the south where you can treat yourself to various hues of greenery.Munnar, Summer Getaways of India


Winding roads through the lush green tea plantations, valleys dotted with tiny cottages, rocky peaks, and beautiful lakes make Kodaikanal one of the favorite hill stations in the south. Morning walks by the lake or through the narrow paths of the forest can be a rewarding one with its serene and tranquil atmosphere or trek up to the peak of Vattakanal to watch the splendid of Sunrise.


Usually known as the twin city of Kodaikanal, Ooty has been on a travelers list for decades now for its colonial past, verdant beauty, balmy weather through the year. Although Ooty gets bit crowded during the peak season that is, during the summer it has its own fair share of reasons to visit such as Pykara falls, Kalhatti falls, Avalanche Lake, Mukurthi National Park which is the home for the rare and endangered spice Nilgiri Tahr, Nilgiri Langur, Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary and Bollywood favourite Ooty’s Pine forest.

Hope you guys liked our list of Summer getaways of India! If you have any suggestions about more such beautiful places please mention in the comment below! 


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  • Since I am not a fan of too much heat, I really enjoyed this post! So many options for pleasant scenery, fun adventures, and enjoyable temperatures. 🙂

  • I’ve not traveled to India yet but the hill stations look fascinating, the scenery looks amazing. India is such a big country that you’re able to see different cultures and cuisines from pretty much every area right? I’ve heard of darjeeling before but mainly from the tea, I can imagine myself getting lost in time looking out at the scenery. ..It’s good to know there are places to escape the blistering heat too – Very pleasant read

  • When I think of summer it’s always beaches and definitely it’s not India. But I like it and I think I can consider it too. I like the lush green tea plantations – in love with them!

  • Shillong looks so pretty, especially with all that green land everywhere. I’ve heard of Darjeeling, because of the lovely tea you have there. These summer places look amazing in India; I just hope I get to see at least one, one day!

  • With the exception of Darjeeling, I hadn’t actually heard of any of these places, I have to confess! But I love the sound of Ooty – if I ever head back to India then I think I’ll try and make a trip there after reading your post 🙂 x

  • Such a helpful list for planning a summer visit to India, and being able to avoid the extreme summer heat of rest of country. These destinations look lush and green even in summer!

  • That’s a great compilation of summer holidays in India. I would love to head to the Himachal, but you have nicely listed the getaways in the South of India as well. Coorg and Kodaikanal would be a great idea indeed. Shillong and Darjeeling toward north-east of course. Thanks for the share.

  • Hiking in these beautiful landscapes across such a vast country would be really amazing! We would definitely visit Darjeeling to see all of the tea plantations. We would also experience any area that had a waterfall. We love adventuring to waterfalls. Munnar looks stunning! Makes me want to get out there and hike right now.

  • Wow there is so much to explore in India .. ur post has reminded me to explore my country more .. lovd all ur selection .. gulmarg is my all time fav though

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