Five reasons why you must visit Vietnam

If you guys are following us on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, you all know from our recent updates that we sisters had been to Vietnam along with our Mom this summer. Vietnam is a mysterious land which is surrounded by mountains and sea with stunning landscapes. They also have a long history dating as back as 3rd century BC and has had several foreign invasions over the centuries which has shaped its current culture.

With so much history and an invigorating natural beauty, Vietnam was our ultimate destination for an all girls trip as it was packed with loads of adventure, fun and beautiful places to explore. Although Vietnam has been growing rapidly as a tourist destination, the best part of this country is that everything is so well maintained, there is so much wilderness and untouched beauty everywhere.

1. Vietnamese tradition & culture  

Since Vietnam was once occupied by Chinese, Japanese and by the French, this has resulted in a fascinating fusion of culture. However, you can notice the age-old customs and traditions are still deeply rooted in the Vietnamese society. Vietnam’s famous Silk painting is worth all the admiration where the artist creates the beautiful painting on a piece of Silk cloth using vibrant colors from either watercolor, ink or dye. Another art which is worth all the hype is the Water puppetry which dates back to 11th century where one not only gets entertained but also gets a peek into the everyday lives of the locals, ancient legends and stories.

Vietnamese embroidery paintings
Vietnamese embroidery paintings
Hanoi Water Puppet Show
Vietnam Water Puppet Show

2. Walk through the ancient ruins and colonial structures

A country which has been ruled by so many foreign and local dynasties plus colonized by the French has a lot to offer from its architectural point to its visitors. Visit the ancient ruins of My Son Cham temple complex, the ancient capital of Hoa Lư which are among the many structures which were damaged during the country’s turbulent past. As for the French, who had built numerous buildings across Vietnam exhibiting their rule in the country and cities like Hanoi still boasts French quarters where imposing buildings and stunning villas line up the broad lanes. Passing through the  French quarters definitely makes one feel that they are in some French old town.

Hoa Lu' vietnam
The old capital of Hoa Lu’

3. Get lost among the natural wonders

Vietnam has some of the most magical and dramatic landscapes on earth which is beautified further by the man-made rice terraces carved on the steep hills in Sapa Valley, rugged peaks and green valleys in Ha Giang Province. There are also numerous caves spread around the country which are unique in their formation and the inner chambers look as if nature played as its own architect.

Halong Bay Vietnam

Sung Sot Cave Halong Bay
One of the many natural caves in Halong Bay

4. Sail along the stunning limestone towers

One of the very unique landscapes of Vietnam and also one of its top tourist attraction, Halong Bay, and Ninh Binh province are too true to be beautiful. We couldn’t get enough of the captivating beauty of limestone towers peeking out of emerald green water at Halong Bay and the mesmerizing sight of karst peeks covered with verdant like a green blanket. Sailing through these scenic landscapes was like entering a completely different world, which for while made us believe that we were in some sort of wonderland.

Halong Bay Vietnam
Sailing across the limestone towers in Halong Bay
Tam Coc Ninh Binh
Tam Coc boat ride in Ninh Binh Province

5. Relish on the Phos and Spring rolls or Gỏi cuốn

The Vietnamese cuisine is a blend of different cultures coming together to form an utterly delicious and mouth-watering food. The beautiful colors of the fresh fruits and vegetables will definitely get your stomach growling. Being vegetarians we didn’t face even the slightest problem in Vietnam hence we could enjoy the various local dishes to our heart’s content. We will be sharing all the details on vegetarian food in Vietnam very soon.

Vietnamese Pho
Vietnamese Veg Pho
Vietnamese Rice paper rolls
Rice Paper Rolls

Also sharing a short video on Vietnam travel highlights, do watch and enjoy





We hope the above reasons have inspired you all to plan a trip to Vietnam soon. Do share your thoughts regarding the post on the comment box below. Also, share and subscribe to receive future updates from TOTS.






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