Must visit cathedral’s of Dublin

It is a well-known fact that Ireland is known as the Land of saints and scholars. As many of the famous saints like St. Patrick and St.Brigid are from this gorgeous island which in turn has resulted in many wonderful architectural buildings all around the country. Over the years great efforts are made to preserve these centuries-old cathedrals and other monuments. Dublin, the capital of this evergreen Island is dotted with numerous beautiful monuments and visiting these is worth every penny. During my visit last summer, I toured two of the amazing cathedrals in the city and was mesmerized by the intricate details and spectacular colors inside the cathedrals. Don’t forget to check out the artifacts from medieval times which are blended so well with the modern ones after the renovation.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Built in the dedication of Ireland’s patron Saint Patrick in 1191 this cathedral an exemplary structure with a lasting beauty which was built in the Gothic architectural style and is the largest cathedral in Ireland. This is also the National Cathedral of Ireland and the tallest cathedral with its 43-meter spire. As per the legend, Saint Patrick used a nearby well to baptize and a small church was built in the location noting it is a sacred place. The current structure of the cathedral dates back to 1220, which over the centuries has survived revolutions, reformations and numerous wars.

Bronze statue of Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness
The nave of the cathedral is laid with colorful mosaic tiles
Spiral staircase leading to the Cathedral organ

The origin of the famous phrase “To chance your arm” started here at this cathedral in 1492 when two Irish families entered the cathedral and got into an argument through the chapter house door. In the end, the two families made peace when one of them offered to end the fight by putting his arm through a hole in the door to shake hand with the other. The original door is still on display inside this cathedral.

There is an amazing display of flags remembering the former Irish regiments of the British Army and the colors of these flags are allowed to slowly fade away in the memory of all those who fought the wars under them.

Lady Chapel

Christ Church Cathedral

Another impressive cathedral of Dublin which stands in the heart of the medieval city of Dublin, overlooking the city is this 11th century Christ Church Cathedral. This cathedral was first built by Hiberno-Norse king Sitric Silkenbeard in 1030AD which was rebuilt by the Anglo-Normans and restored extensively in the 1870s. The current structure of the cathedral is an intriguing blend of materials and artifacts from original 12th and 13th century recreated in Victorian Gothic style.

The nave of Christ church cathedral
Christ Chruch has a beautiful blend of medieval and Victorian tiles

Part of cathedral still has well-preserved tiles from the medieval times

The most interesting part of this cathedral is its underground crypt which dates back to either 11th or 12th century. It is said that this is not only the oldest structure in Dublin but also the largest crypt in Britain and Ireland, which stretches entirely underneath the church. This is mainly made up of strong rough stone pillars which carry the weight of the cathedral and the central tower and houses many historic artifacts.

Inside the crypt, statues of Charles I and Charles II along with the royal arms between them.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the cathedrals of Dublin. Do let us know what you think about them and leave us suggestions in the comments below about other must-visit cathedrals and monuments in Dublin and around. 

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