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AppsWe all agree that the modern technology and smartphones have made our life very much easier than it was few years ago. Nowadays, we increasingly find our selves relying on these smart devices for our day-to-day work. And as for the avid travelers the app developers has created few amazing products, which not only provides ample of information but also makes travelling way more easier and economical. We have listed down 11 of our favourite and must have apps that has been our trusted companion all through our travels:

1.Packing Pro

AppsIf you are in need of help in packing for your next vacation, Packing Pro is the go to app for you. From assisting in creating comprehensive lists on travel essentials (passport, important document, cash), outfits, toiletries etc. to providing reminders on to do items prior to your travel, the app is a complete package for all the absent-minded travellers. The best part of Packing Pro is it can be used for individuals as well as for family in one go.

Cost: $2.99.

2. TripAdvisor

Book your hotel or decide on places to visit based on the millions of reviews written on TripAdvisor. Although one cannot completely rely on these reviews, TripAdvisor will certainly help you shortlist things to do and places to stay list. The app will also help you compare the price of flights and hotels available on various booking sources.

Cost: Free

3. TripIt

AppsTripIt is a genius app that reduces all the hassle involved in organizing a vacation and also helps manage your itinerary. Instead of browsing through your emails or carrying multiple printouts of the confirmations, TripIt will manage all the flight and hotel reservations, passport and ID copies, car rental bookings etc. in one place. Not only it makes storing your documents easier, one can also all the travel details with their friends and family quite easily through this app.

Cost: Free

4. Google Maps

Every traveller’s navigator best friend, Google Maps is currently the most loved GPS navigation app. Its prime features include real-time traffic update, 360-degree street view, offline map feature, voice command etc.

Cost: Free

5. XE currency

This is another useful app to have while you are travelling abroad and are in need to learn the current exchange rates of currency. XE currency has the conversion rates of every possible currency in the world and it also saves your previous searched even which is accessible offline.

Cost: Free

6. Hopper

If you are confused on deciding when to go on your next holiday, then Hopper is the app you need to use. Hopper uses data from billions of flight prices and suggests its users the right time to book tickets in order to get the best available price.

Cost: Free

7. Google Translate

AppsGoogle translate is one of our favourite and must have app while travelling. Translating a language has never been easier than this app; one just has to type the sentence or speak out the words clearly and then translate it to required language and improve our foreign language skills. With the new visual translation feature, we can easily click a picture of the words to be translated and read.

Cost: Free

8. Wikitude

The Wikitude app helps you gain information on places nearby you by integrating data from Wikipedia, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. This also helps one find last minute deals, restaurant reviews, local attractions and many more.

Cost: Free

9. Wi-Fi Finder

The Wi-Fi Finder app by Ji Wire will help you locate the closest available Wi-Fi hotspot in any of the major cities around the world. This is must have app for all the travellers if you cannot live without Internet access. Wi- Fi Finder is available in 144 countries and one can browse through the directory or scan to connect to active hotspots.

Cost: Free

10. Hotel Tonight

Sometimes we might find ourselves in a situation where our best-laid travel plan goes for a toss (like delayed/ missed flights) and we are left with no accommodation. Hotel Tonight is the app to use for last-minute best deals and discounts and room reservations. it is also the best app for all those

Cost: Free

11. Snapseed

Snapseed has been our favourite photo-editing app for a while now and we would recommend everyone to try it. The user interface might seem different from any other photo editing apps but one’s you get used to it, there is no doubt you will love it. There are multiple choices for editing in both manual and automatic and the end results are great.

Cost: Free

15 thoughts on “Must have travel apps

  1. I love TripIt! I’m so excited about the rest of them. Your post comes at such a good time because we’re planning a trip to Spain and Portugal soon. These apps should come in handy. Thanks!

  2. Nice list, though I would add Nokia Here Offline maps. After you download them, they don’t need a data connection to work. So in remote and foreign areas , where you may not get internet access, they still work. Also in foreign countries you save on data roaming charges.

    1. Thank you Param and Shikha for recommending us about this app! Sounds very interesting and helpful, definitely going to try it out! πŸ™‚

    1. Have never tried HotelQuickly, but if it is similar to Hotel Tonight it must be of great use to travellers in SE Asia.

  3. A great list of travel apps and Packing Pro is already a favourite because let’s face it we have all at one time or another forgotten something important to take with us. Snapseed I use
    already as it is the best app for photography at present. Shall look into Hotel Tonight and Wikitude which are both new to me. Thanks.

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