Tour of the Marqués Palace and National Ceramics museum, Valencia

If one is well acquainted with the city of Valencia, or has merely taken a short walk down the street of the old town, then you must definitely have across stores displaying beautiful ceramic pieces. The collections in some of the stores are so enticing to look at that we spent an entire afternoon wandering through the streets hopping from one store to another. And this is when we came across the Palace of the Marqués de Dos Aguas, a building like no other we have seen before!

Rococo styled window details

The Palace outer structure has a unique appearance, and we are pretty sure every person is struck by the sheer magnificence of the building at the very first look. Once home to the Spanish Noble, the palace was built during the 15th century and showcases Rococo style architecture.

Elaborate alabaster sculptures on the main entrance

Another highlight of the Palace exteriors is the striking main entrance, a famous landmark of Valencia made of alabaster stone in Churrigueresque style. Upon enquiring about the Palace, we were informed much to our delight that the Palace currently houses the Museo Nacional de Ceramica Gonzalez Marti (The National Ceramics Museum) named after an avid ceramics collector and also major contributors to the museum, Gonzalez Marti. Not one to miss an amazing opportunity like this to explore the palace interiors, we decided to purchase the museum tour tickets.

The two storied palace is divided into sections showcasing spectacular artwork with main focus on Valencian ceramics and porcelain. The ground floor, once a carriage house and stable now has some of the most luxurious antique carriages on display. Looking at these dreamy carriages we couldn’t help ourselves from imagining if story of Cinderella was indeed true!

Rococo decorated carriage named The nymphs’ carriage which was owned by Marquis of Dos Aguas.
Nymph Chariot which was built in 1753
This carriage was owned by the Marquis of LLanera which was built around 1780
A closeup on details on the carriage
The chair of hands which is from 18th century
Decorations in Chinese Lounge or Tea Room
Oriental decoration inside the tea room
Japanese vase

The first floor has the private rooms of the Marqués de Dos Aguas where we took a tour of the rooms like ballroom, dressing rooms, luxurious bedchamber and so on, which left us completely speechless with its magnificence. Walking through these rooms gave us a glimpse of the opulent lifestyle of the Marqués during the old days. The rooms still have the original furnitures in display along with some of the exquisite antiques, paintings, artworks in the ceilings and walls of the rooms.

The Red room
The grand ballroom

Bedroom of the Marquises

After spending enough wandering through the private quarters we moved on to the second floor, where you will find major collection of ceramics from around the world, dating back to prehistoric age. The collections also gave a detailed insight on the evolution of ceramics over the years and how us humans have brought out our artistic capabilities in these pieces. One of the main features of the museum is the traditional Valencian kitchen completely built from locally made ceramics.

Traditional Valencian kitchen decorated with tiles and ceramics.

The lady, in her fine street dress

Polychrome tiles

It is truly amazing how these ceramic and porcelain items are made with such finesse and it is no wonder one of the most coveted showpiece in the world.

Entry tickets to the National Ceramics Museum costs 3 Euros and is free of cost for children (below 18 years) and senior citizens (65+ years). The museum is closed on Mondays.

Hope you guys enjoyed our post, do leave us a comment on your thoughts about the palace and museum.

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