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The Marble Caves of Chile

Earth is full of mysterious and unusually beautiful places (some are hard to believe that it really exists) created by the geographic formations that leave us utterly speechless. One such place is the Las Cavernas DE Marmol or Marble Caves in Chile located in Lake General Carrera, Patagonia (Chile – Argentina Border).

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Formed by the washing up of waves of the lake over the past 6,000 years, these network of marble caves are light grey in color,emerging out of the pristine blue waters of the lake. Due to soluble properties of the marble, and constant interaction of the waves and marbles over the years has resulted in the present beautiful caverns, pillars and tunnels creating cave like structures. The color of the marble in these caverns change throughout the year resulting from the water level of the lake giving varied looks to the cave walls.


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The lake is one among the ten deepest lakes in the world with an area spanning over 1,850 square kilometers and with a depth of 590 meters below. The crystal clean water of the lake is oriented from the glaciers of Patagonian Andes, adding distinct aqua blue color to the water. Reflections of water created under the sunlight forms very dramatic and usual effects on the walls of the caves.

To reach this place one can fly down to the nearest airport in Coyhaique and then drive down south 200 miles to the lake. A boat ride takes the visitors around the caverns inside the caves for a 30 minutes ride. Marble Cathedral (Catedral de Mármol) and Marble Chapel (Capilla de Mármol) are two places worth making a visit for its beautiful marble mazes and tunnels. 

The abandon beauty of the vibrant blue water of this giant lake and impressive monolithic marble cave chambers formed by the erosion is truly enchanting which gives us a reason to add this place to our bucket list.


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    1. Yes It looks pretty amazing 🙂 We haven’t been there but it tops in our bucket list 🙂 Thanks for the love!!

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