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Mandore Garden, the forgotten capital of Jodhpur

A few kilometers away from the city of Jodhpur is the abandoned and long forgotten capital city of the rulers of the Jodhpur, Mandore. Although, not a famous destination among the tourists, Mandore Garden piqued our interest after learning about the history of the Rajas of Jodhpur while touring the stunning Umaid Bhavan Palace.

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Mandore Garden Jodhpur
Mandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden Jodhpur

The ancient city of Mandore was a thriving capital during the 6th century and was an integral part of the Marwar dynasty until the year 1459. Mandore was attacked by the rival kingdoms several times and with most of the structures damaged and left in ruins. Considering the imminent threat to the Kingdom, King Rao Jodha, the then ruler of Marwar decided to shift his kingdom to the majestic Mehrangarh Fort, which provided a strong foothold to the dynasty in the years to come and thus abandoning the old city. Historians also claim it to be the hometown of Ravan’s wife, Queen Mandodari and hence the city is named as Mandore.

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Mandore Garden Jodhpur

Mandore Garden Jodhpur

Mandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden Jodhpur

Presently, Mandore is a heritage site with ancient cenotaphs (Chhatris) of the Jodhpur Royals, temple ruins, and a famous garden. The cenotaphs showcase some of the finest artistic works of the bygone era. The ancient structures are built in red stone and its vivid contrast with the greenery all around is very captivating. As there were not many visitors to the Garden, we were delighted to explore each structure at a leisurely pace, taking our own sweet time to admire the mastery. The larger than life pillars, the exquisite architecture which is unique to every cenotaph enthralled us as we strolled around the garden. The three-storied Watch Tower (entrance prohibited for public) and the Cenotaph of Maharaja Jaswant Singh are not to be missed when you are here.

Mandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden Jodhpur

Mandore Garden Jodhpur

Mandore Garden Jodhpur

Mandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden Jodhpur

There is also a government museum, which houses various prehistoric artifacts found around the area, ruins of the old fort and palace and a “Hall of heroes” dedicated in the memory of the famous men of the old town. Although we were thrilled to explore the hidden history of the ancient rulers of Jodhpur, we have to say we were quite disappointed to see that the place is not very well maintained. Not much attention is paid towards the upkeep of the garden and also it is very difficult to find necessary information about the old town. There are several street vendors selling a variety of things, which we personally felt made the place lose its historic charm and also the public made no effort in keeping the premises clean. Beware of the monkeys flocking all over and make sure to take care of your personal belongings.

Mandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden JodhpurMandore Garden Jodhpur

But it is not to say we did not entirely enjoy our time exploring these cenotaphs or the palace premises. As this visit was just decided on a hunch and we had no idea on what to expect while we got there, we were happy to just admire these monuments and satisfy our curious minds.

We sisters definitely suggest this as a must visit, especially to all the history buffs visiting the Blue City of Jodhpur.





52 thoughts on “Mandore Garden, the forgotten capital of Jodhpur

  1. Indian architecture is truly impeccable. This is the first time I’ve heard about Mandore Garden. But after seeing your photos, it got me so curious that I would want to go. The level of detail in the architecture is beyond amazing!

  2. Wow! Those buildings look incredibly well preserved, and beautiful, of course. I’d never heard of this place before. Love your skirt in the final photograph of you as well!

  3. To me, it is a bit surprising that this place is not more known from a tourism (both domestic and international) standpoint. I just can’t get over how beautiful these buildings are and what a divine place this would have been in its hay day. Just gorgeous and I’m so pleased you included so many photos as there was so much detail to appreciate. For such a fabulous place, it is a shame it is not kept up that well. Still worth a visit though, that’s for sure.

    1. The garden isn’t promoted a lot, so there is less flow of tourists here. I guess sharing details online will attract more people in the coming years.

  4. This garden is absolutely beautiful, and the fact that it’s also a government building makes me in awe at the beautiful architecture and history! It’s good that you visited a different place from the tourist areas because I would have never known about this place! I am definitely interested in seeing this myself one day!

  5. Your post on Mandore is really enlightening. Very few people know about it, specially the story of how itvis named as Mandore that is on the name of Mandodari(Ravan’s wife). I loved those chhatris structure and really this place has worthy sculture and architecture. A hidden treasure.

  6. Some great photos but I have to agree with you in saying it is somewhat disappointing to see places like this losing their charm when they are not properly maintained. Unfortunately for sites so old as this, it is almost inevitable that some parts will not stand the test of time.

  7. Mandore Garden is a hidden Gem in Jodhpur. I visited Jodhpur years ago, if I’d read this article first before going I would have definitely visited. The ancient city of Mandore is so Instagrammable which you have taken advantage of in your pictures!

    1. Oh, thats too bad you missed Mandore Garden, it generally is not promoted anywhere so I guess not many have read about it.

  8. Absolutely stunning.. just wow. I love visiting different gardens around the world. The arrangements and decorations are always so different depending on what country you are in! I would love to go here.

  9. Every time some one asks me offbeat thing to see in Jodhpur or Rajasthan, I recommend them Mandore gardens. It’s strange because I have not been here myself. But I local friend from Jodhpur has told me that it’s an amazing place. Your blog validates that. The cultural extravaganza that Jodhpur is I would love to visit again and include Mandore gardens also this time.

  10. Mandore is so striking! I am always amazed at how intricate and detailed the architecture was so many centuries ago and your photos capture it all so perfectly!

  11. wow Mandore looks amazing! I am surprise that its not a popular tourist destination as its one of the prettiest places I’ve seen in India from blog posts! So beautiful! I would love to visit it one day ! Your photos are stunning!

  12. Wow, Mandore is such an incredible place, I’m surprised it’s not very popular among tourists. Backpacking around India is one of dreams, I’ll surely include Mandore in my trip 😉

  13. I have never heard of Mandore garden before. It seems like an excellent place to visit for travelers like me who love history and architecture. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Very interesting architecture. I am amazed at the level of details in the pillars, roofs, etc. Most importantly, it’s actually good that the local government unit decided to preserve the place. It’s really sad to see historical and cultural places like Mandore go to waste because of negligence, pollution, destruction and defamation.

  15. This Mandore garden post really got me nostalgic. I really had an amazing time discovering it. Those Cenotaphs are just amazing. You have captured those really well.

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