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Charming or a haunted castle of Malahide!

Set in the quaint, picturesque seaside town of Malahide, the charming castle of Malahide is a medieval castle, which was the house for the Talbot family for 791 years. This was the first castle I was visiting in Ireland and I was eagerly looking forward as it was listed as one of the prettiest castles in the island. So we were excited to spend our day touring this castle and its garden after which, we were planning to explore the town of Malahide. Now, here is a quick history of this castle: Built in 1185, this castle is set in 260 acres of the estate which was granted to Richard Talbot by Henry II in 1174 as he accompanied him to Ireland.

Malahide castle

Malahide Castle is about 30 minutes drive from Dublin city and as we made our entry inside this estate through the main entrance gate, acres and acres of green meadows and forest greeted us. Eager to catch a glimpse of the castle we parked our car and walked towards the visitor center and booked our ticket for the next tour.

Malahide castle
Victorian ornate conservatory

As we had almost 45 minutes to wait, we decided to stroll around the walled garden, which is called as Talbot Botanical Garden behind the visitor center. We were quite amazed to see the dreamlike landscape, where I felt as if I have stepped into Alice’s Wonderland.

Malahide castle
Talbot Botanical Garden
Malahide castle
Victorian ornate conservatory

Lord Milo Talbot who was very passionate about plants created this ornamental garden and we found plants from different parts of the globe here. This tiny Botanical garden has over 500 spices of plants, various glasshouses and a beautiful Victorian period ornate conservatory, which is over centuries old.

Malahide castleMalahide castleMalahide castle

Finishing off the tour of the walled garden we walked towards the castle, passing by the ruins of Malahide Abbey and the first glimpse of the castle was the long winding stone staircase that leads to a door of a tower and this reminded me of Rapunzel!

Malahide castle
Ruins of Malahide Abbey
Malahide castle
The tower and the winding staircase!

As per the information, we were asked to gather in front of the main door of the castle, which looked tiny, covered with ivy all over the walls. We were summoned inside and were given a few minutes to go through the exhibit articles and belongings of the Talbot family.

Malahide castle
Malahide Castle

As the tour started we walked to the first floor of the castle to the Oak room, which was fully lit by sunlight beaming through the Gothic windows on one side of the room. The walls of this room are completely covered with the finest carved paneling of oak and few depicted biblical scenes. We then continued our tour through the drawing rooms and bedrooms of the castle, which showcased the beautiful furniture, paintings and artifacts giving us a glimpse into the Talbot family lifestyle.

Malahide castle
The Oak room
Malahide castle
The Drawing room

Malahide castleMalahide castle

One interesting piece of furniture in the Drawing room was the wooden screen that was beautifully decorated and was placed next to the fireplace. We learned that women in olden days used to wear make up which was made up of wax and to prevent them from melting as they sat next to the fire while enjoying their drink, these screens were used to block the heat.

Malahide castle
The wooden screen which saved the Lady’s makeup from melting down!

Malahide castleMalahide castleMalahide castleMalahide castleMalahide castleMalahide castle

Our next stop in the castle was the Great Hall, which was used as the dining hall displayed the huge, epic painting of Battle of Boyne, few portraits of the family members of the Talbot family and has a minstrel’s gallery. And here comes the spooky part of the tour, our tour guide tells us that over the years around five ghosts were sighted within the castle.

Malahide castle
The Great Hall

Often, the visitors would spot a ghost in their pictures (and I stopped clicking after listening to this!) who is said to be a jester who fell in love with a Lady, who was denied by Henry VIII at the castle. This jester was later found dead, stabbed to his heart on a snowy night, and on his death, he swore that he would haunt the castle. Another ghost is of Lord Galtrim or Sir Walter Hussey who was killed in the battle on his wedding day and it is said that he was spotted inside castle wandering at night, crying in pain as his bride-to-be married his rival upon his death. Also, few of the workers of the castle have spotted the ghost of Lady Maud Plunkett chasing her husband’s ghost in the castle’s corridor. The other two ghosts of this castle are of Miles Corbett who appears in a soldier’s armor, which falls suddenly into pieces and the White Lady, the most popular ghost of this castle, who would leave her painting and wander around the castle.

Creeped out enough after listening to the horror stories of the castle we walked out as we finished our tour and spent few more minutes on the castle grounds, strolling in the lawn and relaxing under the shades of the trees.

Malahide castle

The price of the tickets for tour starts from €12 and the tour lasts for about 50 minutes and can be purchased online or at the venue.

Hope you guys enjoyed our post, do let us know if you guys have been to any haunted castles or encountered a ghost ever! 

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26 thoughts on “Charming or a haunted castle of Malahide!

  1. The stories of ghosts is indeed spooky. I have been to some castles in the US and learnt that people who built them were very close to their properties, but didn’t hear of any such stories here.

    Otherwise, the gardens looks good and even the works inside.

  2. Castles are fun to see and explore, and one day I hope to take my kids to Ireland! I especially love the ghost stories, a historic mansion tour wouldn’t be complete without them. The gardens also look very inviting, I would love to explore the 200 plus acres that surround the place.

  3. This ghost stories is a bit scary but made a perfect setting for the ghost tour at night. The castle and its surroundings look so great during the daylight, and those furniture keep reminding me of the Downton Abbey.

  4. Castles are fun to explore and there are so many of them where I live. I’ve always been found of wandering around the country and being able to visit those places. This place is so charming and the colors are just amazing! Love reading this post really!

  5. I love ghost stories, I love history and also if a place has something interesting like how things in the places are still so well preserved…I know it is a place I would love to visit! Such a beautiful Castle!

    1. Thank yu for stopping by our blog Vysakhi. We are sure you will love Malahide Castle if you into to spooky stories 😉

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