Stay experience with Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

Who doesn’t love hotels that are located midst the nature offering stunning views and some much-needed rest and peace? And this exactly what I was looking forward for while planning my safari trip in Tanzania. When I put forward my requirements to Easy Travel and Tours, Tanzania while booking my trip, they provided me a package that included one night stay at luxury Serena Lodge (Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater respectively) and on my husband’s request they offered us other 2 nights camping in the wilderness of Serengeti National Park (post coming soon).

Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

The Serena Lodge at Lake Manyara is located at Mto wa Mbu which is a mere 15 minutes drive from the Lake Manyara National Park. The lodge is perched on the edge of a cliff offering an uninterrupted view of the National Park. We had taken an early morning flight from Dar Es Salaam to Arusha, from where we drove to the National Park which was followed by adventurous game drive, we were kind off exhausted and ready to crash for the day.

We reached the lodge around sunset, although tired I was delighted to finally have an up-close look at the lodge (after browsing through the pictures in the internet a billion times ;)). The lodge is very rustic and cozy and as I walked towards our room from the reception I felt rejuvenated just by looking at the beautiful surroundings of the lodge.

Rondavel style cottage

The rooms are built in traditional African style house “Rondavel”, a circular structure with thatched roof and the interiors showcase beautiful Masai artwork. The highlight of staying here is that every room has the advantage of scenic view the lake from the private balcony attached. We had our room in the first floor of the cottage, and the best part of the room was along with the panoramic view of the lake, the lodge infinity pool was also in sight. As a part of the honeymoon package the very gracious hotel staff decorated our room with flowers and also got us a delicious cake to celebrate, which indeed very sweet of them.

View from the room!

After settling down and taking a quick tour of the property, me and my husband decided to take a dip in the infinity pool and watch the sun disappearing across the valley. We then head to the dining area to have our dinner as we were famished after are a busy day we had. On prior request for vegetarian food, the main chef offered us a delicious 4-course meal freshly made from local produce. The dining area is a spacious hall which has both indoor seating as well as outdoor. I loved how the interiors of the dining area was done with chandelier made of jute adorning the roof and simple white walls with branch-like structures swirling all around the room giving it a very simple yet classy look.

The morning breakfast is also served in the dining room, which included loads of tropical fruits, pancakes, freshly brewed African tea and coffee. I loved sitting in the outdoors, watching the lake at the distance, listening to the bird’s chirp and the fresh morning breeze, it was all a haven for city dwellers like us.

After the sinful breakfast we bid adieu to the lodge and Lake Manyara and started our journey towards the Serengeti National Park. Although my stay at the Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge was short, it was surely a perfect one thanks to the beautiful location, amazing staff and the delicious food.

Our stay at the Serena Lodge was part of the package for the safari with the Easy Travel.

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Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

Lake Manyara National Park

Mto wa Mbu Escarpment, Northern Tanzania

Tel: (+255) 787444003/ 28253961

Fax: (+255) 272545368/ 272539164


TOTS were the guests at Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge, these are our opinions based on the stay experience. 


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  1. The place certainly looks wonderful and relaxing! The greenery surrounding it is adding the much needed nature healing. I too love such places to call it a day or just spend time there to heal in all senses. Rooms .

  2. This lodge looks amazing. That pool. The bed. The adorable little hut. Just on visual beauty alone I’d love to stay here! So glad that the chef could cater for you too.

  3. Beautiful setting. I know so little about Tanzania. It would be great to find out more about the country too. Thanks for sharing your experience and beautiful photos!

    • Your welcome Grace! Tanzania is a beautiful country filled with natural beauty and wildlife.

  4. Wow what a picturesque location – it looks absolutely beautiful, especially that infinity pool! Would love to make it to Tanzania someday will have to add this onto our list! Glad you enjoyed your stay.

  5. What a unique hotel. I love the infinity pool, perfect for a dip before dinner. The food sounds sensational as well. Glad you enjoyed your stay!

  6. That place looks amazing, the views from the room are beautiful. I would love to spend time in a place like that and relax in that pool. I haven’t been to Africa yet but am certainly looking forward to it.

  7. The infinity pool is simply amazing, with its location high above and the stunning views across the valley. The cottages are so cute, I really like that they are decorated with original Masai motifs. I would love to stay there and experience the local hospitality.

    • You actually can stay with the local tribes, we missed out on that as we had very little time during the stay.

  8. This is the perfect place to stay whilst going for a safari. The infinity pool looks amazing and the view from it too! The tropical fruits for breakfast must have been delicious.

    • Oh yes, they were utterly delicious! The view from the edge of the pool is totally stunning.

  9. I would say this is unquestionably the best property you would have stayed in! It would surely have been for me…Just look at the view!

    Such places are what I look for on my trips, but hard to find.

    • It was indeed one of the bestproperty I have ever stayed in during my travels. It was a gem of a place.

  10. What a gorgeous place to stay! The food looked divine! I too live in the city and there is nothing like getting out in nature where you can’t hear cars and can just soak up the sounds and fresh smells!

  11. What a beautiful place to stay! That pool looks so stunning…. the views must have been so amazing also! Glad you enjoyed your experience. 🙂

  12. Ahhhh this has me so excited for our safari in September!!! Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge looks absolutely beautiful and the hotel room and swimming pool views are breathtaking. It sounds like they went above and beyond and y’all had a great visit.

  13. What lovely places you have been to. I have still to visit Africa Mainland. (i have been to Mauritius which is also Africa). The cottages look quite beautiful and affords privacy , I am sure. All in all a nice sojourn before getting on with the “real things” that is the National Parks.