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Tips to plan your Hong Kong trip

  • There is free Wi-Fi all over the city in almost all the cafes, supermarkets as well as in public transport systems.
  • While in Hong Kong if you plan to purchase a local SIM one can enjoy free access to Wi-Fi by downloading PCCW-HKT Wi-Fi app either to android or IOS phones.
  • Hong Kong provides visa on arrival for almost 26 countries including India :-). However, you will be required to exit within 14 days of entry.
  • To travel around Hong Kong public transport systems like MTRs, buses and trams is more advisable rather than taxis, which is comparatively more expensive.
  • If you happen to shop at the street markets do not forget to bargain.  This is applicable even to Sampan rides at the Aberdeen Harbour.
  • Always be prepared for the unpredictable weather. It might not be always sunny, you will experience chilly breeze in the evenings.
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