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Shop till you drop in Hong Kong

Hong Kong city is a paradise for all the shopping addicts and also considered as one of the best cities to shop in the world. After a quick tour around Hong Kong, one will be given numerous choices for places to shop, ranging from high-end luxury goods to pocket-friendly bargain items in the markets. If the enticing display on the storefront doesn’t inspire you to go on a shopping spree while in the city, we are pretty sure all the beautifully dressed people walking down the streets of the city will entice you to hit the shops soon.

Indulge in some retail therapy by heading to one of the many malls or street markets to shop for apparel, cosmetics, trendy gadgets and what not. So here is our Hong Kong Shopping Guide, where we listed down some of the famous shopping spots in both Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island

One stop spot for shoppers while in the main Island of Hong Kong, Causeway Bay is considered as the microcosm of shopping in Hong Kong city. With large malls and shopping complexes present on the entire stretch of Causeway Bay, one might feel overwhelmed with all the choices on offer.

Hong Kong shopping guide
SOGO – Japanese Departmental Store at Causeway Bay
  • Couture stores and high-end Japanese and European brands at the Fashion Walk.
  • Malls like Hysan Place and Times Square.
  • Island Beverly Centre, a complex that has several affordable boutique shops.
  • SOGO, famous Japanese departmental store are some of the highlights of the area.
  • For more pocket-friendly experience visit the Jardine’s Crescent

The Central, Soho and Admiralty, Hong Kong Island

Stretching from the Hollywood road up to the picturesque Victoria Harbor, these neighborhoods have boutiques, designer stores and massive malls that will just make you go crazy!!

Hong Kong shopping guide
Store at Central
  • The Hollywood Road has the famous Cat Street Market selling precious antiques from all over the world and also close by is the Western Market, where you will find gorgeous silk fabrics.
  • To the south of the market is the SOHO, which houses an eclectic mix of chic boutiques and art gallery.
  • Admiralty has Pacific Place, an upmarket mall that caters to cosmetics lovers and has stores like La Mer, Nars, and YSL etc.
  • In the Central, you will find Landmark, a four-building mall that has luxe labels like Louis Vuitton, TOD’s and also some of the city’s Michelin starred restaurants.
  • IFC at the Central is another up-market mall that has more than 200 international brands.

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon 

Tsim Sha Tsui is yet another major shopping area located in Kowloon, which is filled with retail shops at every corner. Walking down the famous Nathan Road, one will find everything from designer items to cameras and expensive jewelry.

Hong Kong shopping guide
Harbour City Mall
  • The largest mall in Hong Kong, Harbour City has both luxury designer labels like Prada, Chanel to high street labels like Zara, GAP etc.
  • Visit the Granville Road to catch a glimpse of the upcoming local designer stores.
  • K11 is a mall cum art gallery that sells fancy electronic and household items, iSquare Mall has more than 15 watch and jewelry stores and The One is the tallest retail complex in the city and houses famous Japanese brands along with jewelry and lifestyle goods.

Mongkok, Kowloon

Mongkok is one of the busiest and most crowded parts of the city, mainly due to the presence of a large number of markets. Every narrow street has vendors selling items that are specific to that particular lane like sneakers, flowers, birds, goldfish and so on. Walk through the conventional Asian street stalls to experience the joys of bargain shopping and also get a closet makeover for a lesser price.

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Hong Kong shopping guide
Ladies Market

If you get tired walking midst the overcrowded markets, hit the Langham Place Mall for a more relaxed shopping experience.

Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

This neighborhood is known mainly for its specialized markets like:

  • Temple street night market, an upbeat street market that opens up only once the sunsets and sells just about everything from men’s apparels to antiques.
Hong Kong shopping guide
Temple Street Night Market
  • Buy yourself the famous good-luck charms made from Jade in one of the many stalls at Jade Market.
  • For a typical Chinese market experience, visit the Shanghai Market where you will find loads of traditional kitchenware.

Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island

The Wan Chai district is another famous shopping spot in the city where one can easily lose time wandering through the Chinese furniture shops and apparel stores. It is also every computer geeks dream come true, as one will find every kind of computer gadgets at Wanchai Computer Centre.

We hope you liked our take on the shopping scene in Hong Kong. Do let us know below your favourite shopping spots around the city and also subscribe for more travel updates from the Travelling Sisters.



30 thoughts on “Shop till you drop in Hong Kong

  1. This is a really helpful guide for the shopaholics among us! I really like the sound of exploring the markets of Mongkok. So I think that’s where I would start. I don’t do a lot of shopping, but I love taking photos in markets. They are so colourful.

  2. I love shopping in Hong Kong. The markets are fabulous and so full of colour while the malls have a fantastic choice of shops. There are some good recommendations here, which I’ll check out next time I’m there.

  3. I have this posh friend who won`t even consider travelling to SE Asia unless it`s directly into a beach resort. But wait until I give an article that is called `shop till you drop in Hong King` and she`ll buy my plane ticket too! haha
    Thanks for doing the hard work for me!

  4. Koreans are always going to Hong Kong for the shopping. It’s funny.. I’m not a shopping traveler myself, maybe a souvenir here or there, so when someone says they’re going to HK, I ask what they’ll see and inevitably my Korean friends will tell me about where they will shop. -_-

    1. Never knew Koreans were crazy about shpping in HK. Always thought Korea was also a shoppers paradise. But then after visiting Hong Kong I’mnot surprised they travel there to shop.

  5. Oh wow I did not know there were sooo many shopping options in Hong Kong. I have always been heading to BKK for my shopping sprees but looks like I need to try HKG next 🙂 Bookmarked for when I visit.

  6. A friend of mine came back from Hong Kong a few months ago and mentioned how Hong Kong is great for two things: food and shopping; she wasn’t kidding. I should start saving and bring nothing to Hong Kong to maximize all the stuff I’ll buy to bring back to the States hahaha

  7. Hong Kong is really a veritable shopping paradise. The city is throbbing like a bee hive vibrant and full of activity. We were in Hong Kong during the Christmas season, last year and had a great time.

  8. I was about to log off when two things caught my attention.
    1. Shopping – cos I love to shop:) and
    2. Hong Kong – cos I’m going there next week:)

    Thanks for all the tips. Waiting to experience all the sights and sounds of HK.

  9. It’s been a while since I last went to Hong Kong. However, I remember how good the shopping is there! My favourite are the markets like Temple Market, for the bargains and atmosphere/

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