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Hiking at Seven Sisters National Park, England

After leisurely exploring Brighton, my friend Shilpa and I decided to head towards the famous Seven Sisters. After going through a series of pictures on the Internet, all we had in our mind was the picturesque view of white cliffs and deep blue sea.

Seven SistersSeven Sisters is a series of chalky bright white escarpments along the coastline in south of England next to English Channel. As it is a series of seven cliffs it’s named “Seven Sisters”, which is famous for its unique appearance. One might have seen the picture as default wallpaper in Windows 7. There are different paths to reach this place but we choose to walk across the Seven Sister National Park.


Seven Sisters

Cuckmere River
River Cuckmere

Being all excited we hopped on to the bus, which when enquired about we were said that it stops right next to the entrance of the park. After almost an hour ride in the bus, we reached our destination but all we could see is miles of green pasture. We were a bit confused on which way to go and thus started walking along with the other visitors.Seven Sisters

Seven SistersSeven SistersDuring our walk, we came across the most scenic view of the beautiful river valleys of River Cuckmere that follows through the national park and open grasslands. After walking and hiking up for almost an hour or more we caught the spectacular view of what we had seen earlier online and smiled at each other saying it was totally worth it.

Seven Sisters7S77S8

Seven SistersTired from all the walking and hiking we just lied down on the ground and relaxed watching the blue sea and perfectly matched clear blue sky. After spending some blissful time here, we started walking back as the daylight started fading. We caught the beautiful scenes of the sunset across the park on our way back to the bus stop and couldn’t resist from capturing the magical moment.  Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

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  1. I can sense the tranquility or the enjoyment your soul had through what ever you said… the cliffs are make this river landscape interesting and nice. Green pastures, river, and the cliff…just lovely

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