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A visit to Guinness Storehouse – Home of the Black Stuff!

Guinness is known worldwide for its dark colored beer and visiting its brewery was our topmost priority, when we were in its hometown.

Guinness Storehouse Ireland

Guinness was started in 1759, by the beer mastermind Arthur Guinness, using his unique recipe of just four ingredients (Water, barley, hops, and yeast) and is now sold worldwide even after hundreds of years of its beginning.

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Guinness Storehouse Ireland

The tour takes you through the seven floors of this building, called “The Atrium” which is the largest pint glass in the world (holds up to 14 million pints of Guinness!!!). The famous 9000-year-old lease, which Arthur Guinness signed on 31st December 1759, to use the property at St. James’s Gate is displayed on the ground floor.

Guinness Storehouse Ireland
Arthur Guinness’s lease agreement!

Guinness Storehouse Ireland

As the tour starts we are taken through various information regarding the raw materials used and the process involved in the brewing of the finest beer. As it turns out 100,000 tones of Irish grown barley is purchased every year by the Guinness and only the highest quality barley, hops are used and are brewed using malted, unmalted and roasted barley. And about the yeast used in brewing, which is referred as “National Treasure: Arthur’s Yeast” is grown at St. James’s Gate and some amount of yeast is transferred from each brew to the next to maintain the consistency. Since yeast is a very valuable ingredient used in brewing it is kept in a locker named as “Director’s Safe”.

Guinness Storehouse Ireland
Irish barley which is used in brewing!
Guinness Storehouse Ireland
“The Director’s Safe!”

Guinness Storehouse Ireland

The water used in brewing Guinness comes from the Wicklow Mountains and on an average of eight million liters of water comes to this brewery. Finally, after malting, roasting, milling, and fermentation, the beer is filtered and is ready to be packed and sold!

Guinness Storehouse IrelandGuinness Storehouse Ireland

As we walked up the tour we came across some more interesting facts of how Guinness is packed and shipped across the globe and their innovative way of advertising. And then we entered the tasting room where we taught the right way to drink and enjoy a beer! Later we were taught how to pour a perfect pint of Guinness and voila! We were pros at “Pouring a perfect pint” ;).

Guinness Storehouse Ireland
My first attempt at crafting a perfect pint!

Guinness Storehouse Ireland

Guinness Storehouse Ireland
And I am certified at crafting a perfect pint!

And here comes the last but best part of the tour. We get to enjoy our perfectly poured pint up the “Gravity Bar” with the 360-degree panoramic view of the Dublin city! We sipped on our pint and watched the city turns gold as the sun set over it and mingled along with the rest of the crowd and enjoyed our evening.

Guinness Storehouse Ireland
View from the Gravity Bar!

Guinness Storehouse Ireland

We had an amazing time touring and learning so much about this iconic Irish beer.  The price of the ticket for the tour starts from €14 and you are allowed to tour the brewhouse in your phase and spend as much time as you want to inside. For more details visit:

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24 thoughts on “A visit to Guinness Storehouse – Home of the Black Stuff!

  1. I did this when I was in Dublin and it was such a fun experience! It was right before Christmas and I went a little crazy in the gift shop buying my family souvenirs! My favorite was the tasting at the top! Such a fun day!

  2. Now I do love a brewery tour – they are such fascinating places – and I must admit to enjoying a drop or two of stout. So this is right up my street! Is it true that Guinness tastes better in Ireland? I like the sound of the views over Dublin too. A good day out by the sound of it.

  3. It is a fascinating and heady trip no doubt. Would love to craft my own Pint and get a certificate in return too 🙂 On a serious note, I really liked the details of how the Guiness we all know, takes shape.

  4. i can still remember arriving into Dublin late at night and heading straight to a bar for my first authentic Guinness. Not a fan at all but I still needed to do it. I would love to do this tour though and what a great addition to be able to pour your own. Pouring guinness is certainly no easy feat.

  5. I have been to Dublin a few times and never done this, probably because I hate Guinness. If I’d known there was a bar with a view mind I would have gone. Did you know by the way that allegedly Irish mothers dip the dummies in Guinness to smooth babies?

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