First Glimpse of Turkey

One of the most exciting things about travelling by air is looking out of window and trying to see how wonderful our planet looks from above and enjoy the sweeping view. Be it flying over fluffy cotton candy like clouds or over the rugged terrains, cities and tiny towns or watching the sunrise or sunset, we always have something to look forward in each trip. Don’t we all for these reasons crave to grab a window seat just to peek outside and enjoy the view. (I bet you must have read tons of posts on how and why to have a window seat while flying!).

During my recent travel to Turkey I made sure that I get a window seat right from Bangalore, India to Istanbul (stopover at Kuwait) and I was not disappointed for all the convincing and talking I had to do with the lady in the counter at airport.

It was 8 AM in the morning and we were cruising at 36,000 feet above the ground. A sudden jolt due to turbulence woke me up from my sleep and I learnt from the display screen that we were still 2.5 hours away from our destination. Disappointed much about the remaining time to reach Istanbul I opened my window screen and I was awestruck by the view I saw. We had just crossed Iran border and had entered Turkey, and were flying over a huge lake which almost looked like a sea with small towns dotted here and there on its bank and snow-capped mountains lined the horizon, which gleamed in the morning light afar. This was such a picturesque sight that I couldn’t stop myself from Snapchatting it and uploading it on my Instagram story as I wanted to share it with my friends and followers. It all looked surreal and the snow was one thing I was not expecting to see as it was still fall in Turkey.

The view was utterly spectacular which made me glued to my window for rest of our journey, clicking pictures all the way. After a while something unusual caught my attention which looked like a huge crater.  It looked quite unique and as I dint have Wi-Fi on flight I had to wait till I land to know what it is.

Once I had access to Wi-Fi at the Istanbul airport and quickly googled to know what was it that I had spotted earlier. After looking for the craters in Turkey and tracing our flight path I got to know that it was Bitlis-Nemrut Carter Lake. It made me wonder if I had to spot it from my flight among all the mountains then how huge must be the crater. The images which popped in on my screen was tempting enough to make a trip to this amazing crater lake but since we were travelling mostly south-west of Turkey I had to let it go and save this one for my next trip.

Have you ever come across a view while flying which inspired you to visit that place? Also,how many of you prefer window seat? Do share your thoughts in the comment box below and subscribe to get more updates from our blog.

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