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How to enjoy your travels in the best ways

What does one expect while planning a trip or a vacation to a foreign place? Any city around the globe has a lot to offer to its visitors, be it culture, food, history or nightlife. We always look forward to make most of our trip be it short vacation or a lengthy one. For us travel is all about seeking knowledge, feel and embrace the place and have fun as much as possible.

Here are few tips to enjoy your trip in the best possible ways:

1. Visit the local markets and bazaars

Hit the local markets if you are interested in purchasing souvenirs to take back home or have taste of fresh local produce. Bargaining and shopping with the locals to buy some of the freshest fruits and local delicacies or just collectibles is always fun. While planning our trip to Madrid we came across El Rastro flea market, which is held every Sunday. So we made sure our stay in the city coincided with the event and explore the famous market looking for little trinkets.

El Rastro Flea Market
El Rastro Flea Market, Madrid
Camden Market, London
Camden Market, London
Camden Market
Camden Market

2. Walk around and explore local neighbourhoods

Hong Kong
Flower Market in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Between visiting the famous tourist attractions always make time to explore the local neighbourhoods, where you can have a real feel of culture and flavours of the place. Walk around and enjoy the not so famous sights, you never know what hidden gem you might discover but do make sure to do it within city’s safe neighbourhoods. Wandering around without expecting something always helps us relax and experience things with a locals perspective.

3. Savour the native cuisine

As we all know that the local culture is richly associated with the native or the traditional cuisines, it is one of the best possible way to connect yourself to the place. Be it the Veg Thukpa from Darjeeling or the chilled red bean soup for desserts at Hong Kong, we have made wonderful memories savouring these local delicacies and eat to our heart’’s content.

Veg Thukpa
Veg Thukpa in Darjeeling
Chilled Red Bean Soup
Chilled Red Bean Soup in Hong Kong

4. Plan a day trip and get away from the city

A day trip to the countryside is what needs in the current hectic lifestyle to unwind and relax. Away from the bustling city life, one can spend a fun-filled day by exploring ancient ruins, hiking through mountains or camping in the jungle. After spending a leisurely day cruising around the Rhine River valley in Germany enjoying the beautiful views of the vineyards and castles, we sisters couldn’t help but contemplate spending rest of our lives in this magical place.

Rhine Valley Cruise
Rhine Valley Cruise, Germany
A memorable day at Segovia
A memorable day at Segovia

5. Be positive and live the moment

Travels moments are the once we treasure and cherish for life, always be positive and motivated to make happy memories. We were often asked if we had a bad experience or unhappy memories from our travels. All we have to say is the whole point of travelling is to leave back our problems and life’s struggles back home and be a new carefree happy person without giving thoughts to glitches or bad moments.

Freezing at Mt. Titlis
Unexpected snowfall  yet enjoyed every minute at Mt. Titlis, Switzerland

6. Travel with like-minded people

Often we find ourselves travelling with people who have different take on vacations than yours, leading to atleast one person being unhappy about the trip. If you are travelling with a companion, it is always best if you know the likes and expectations of each other with regards to travels and come to a mutual decision.

7. Always look out learn something new

Never limit your travels to just sight-seeing, keep an open mind to understand the story behind famous monuments and always look out for something to new to learn . It can be either a greeting in local language or a story on a local legend, make sure you a great tale to take back home.

Traditional Dutch Clog making factory tour
Traditional Dutch Clog making factory tour, Amsterdam
Stonehenge – The prehistoric monument of Europe

8. Click photos and make memories

Looking for evidence at Kuldhara (haunted village), Rajasthan

Pictures form the integral part of our travel, so do not forget to pack your cameras and capture all the crazy and memorable moments and make best memories out of your trip.

 Do leave a comment below if you want to share some more useful tips with us!

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