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An evening with Discovery Sailing, Mumbai

SailingIf you guys are following us on the social media websites like Instagram or Facebook, you definitely must have come across our pictures from last week‘s sailing experience with Discovery Sailing, Mumbai. Since the time we had moved to Mumbai, we have been considering going on a sailing adventure and it also has been on our Bucket list for way too long. So when we were invited by Discover Sailing India to enjoy a pleasurable evening sailing across the Arabian Sea, it was an opportunity too good to be missed.

SailingDiscover Sailing is a Mumbai based sailing company, which was launched by Ayesha Lobo, who is not only one of the top sailors in the country, but also the captain of Indian female sailing team. Ayesha and her team aim to make sailing an adventurous and recreational experience for everyone at an affordable price. Apart from leisure sailing experience, they also offer certified sailing classes to all those people who would like to be an expert in this sport.

SailingWe were offered adventure sunset sailing experience with the talented Ayesha as our skipper for the evening. Ayesha met us outside the Taj Palace Hotel and swiftly took us to one of the waiting jetty that would take us to the sailboat. Just as quickly she helped us overcome our initial awkwardness of getting on the boat and steady ourselves in the boat. As we got close to our sailboat, we were happy to realize that Ayesha was going to make it a fun-filled experience for us with her easy-going and friendly demeanor.


With our skipper Ayesha
With our skipper Ayesha

SailingOnce we were on the sailboat, Ayesha gave us the basic instructions and then we were ready to set off on this adventure. Sailing across the Mumbai shoreline we got an uninterrupted view of the city and it was a sight to behold. The city otherwise bustling with traffic and people looks so magnificent and picturesque that one could easily imagine that they are two different places. After few minutes Ayesha encouraged us to steer the boat ourselves, which was an experience in itself. Although it might not be considered as a thrilling experience, for amateur sailors like us it was quite a milestone from first time on a sailboat to actually controlling them in one single day ;).


Mumbai Lighthouse
Mumbai Lighthouse

SailingSailingSailingWe passed several similar sailboats catching glimpse of the Mumbai’s oldest Lighthouse and the Naval base making our way towards the tip of Mumbai, which is the current Lighthouse of the city. The two-hour journey passes in a blur as we sail across the water, watching the city, breathing in the fresh sea air and feeling the breeze on your face. As we glided along with the waves watching the setting sun, Ayesha shared her sailing experiences and it was quite fascinating to learn about her adventures around the world.

SailingSailingSailingSailingThe boat was then turned around and we made our way back to our waiting jetty. We could catch a glimpse several larger ships making their way towards the city along with fancy yachts anchored along the shoreline. Our first sailing experience was fabulous and beyond what we had expected moreover much to our delight we learnt we are not too bad in sailing a boat ;). The lovely weather combined with the soothing sea waves was just what we needed to relax and de-stress without having to get away from the city.

SailingSailingSailingSailingThe evening spent with Discovery Sailing gave us a perfect opportunity to learn the joys of sailing with the added bonus of exploring Mumbai in a whole new different way. We would certainly recommend this as one of the must do’s in Mumbai if you re looking for some adventure and fun.

You can know more about Discovery Sailing and the services they offer, visit their website:

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26 thoughts on “An evening with Discovery Sailing, Mumbai

  1. Perfect way to spend a day! I’ve never sailed myself but love being around boats so I envy you the experience, in capable hands. Thanks for your visit to mine and I hope a fabulous year lies ahead of you. 🙂

  2. Sailing in the sea while watching the sunset with loved ones is a dream for me. I usually visit Mumbai for my official work, but I was not aware of the sailing adventures available there. Thank you for sharing the information and your experience.

    1. Try to squeeze some time from your work while visiting Mumbai and going sailing next time! Its a 2 hour ride and you regret it:)

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