Cliffs of Moher: The iconic Atlantic edge of Ireland

From being well-known for its numerous legends to its breath-taking beauty, the Cliffs of Moher is one place you can’t miss while planning your trip to Ireland. Experience and get amazed at how sedimentary rock layers of sandstones, siltstone, mudstone and shale over the centuries have created such dramatic cliffs by walking along its edges. I am pretty sure if you are a Harry Potter fan then you might also notice these cliffs in “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” where Dumbledore apparates Harry Potter and himself and you will see them standing on a rock facing these huge cliffs.

Cliffs of Moher, one of the nature’s natural wonders, which is situated in the south-western edge of Ireland, rises up to the height of 214 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, spanning over 8 kilometers creating a rugged coastline. This is one of the most visited sites in Ireland by tourists just to witness the sheer beauty of its cliffs, which has been standing facing the great Atlantic for centuries. In 2015, Cliffs of Moher along with Burren were declared as part of UNESCO Global Geopark.

I kept my fingers crossed, keeping an eye on the dark, grey clouds which had engulfed the sky ,praying for it to clear as we travelled to County Clare, Ireland from Dublin to visit this majestic Cliffs. And not leaving me disappointed in this last leg of our trip in Ireland, the clouds cleared miraculously and the sun shone in the clear blue sky as we passed through beautiful fields and meadows, letting us fully enjoy the Irish countryside.

It takes about 3 hours to reach from Dublin and we booked our tour through  Wild Rover Tours for approx  €50 per adult. We were bit skeptical about travelling by bus and about taking group tours, but in the end we felt this was the right decision as the tour was fun-filled as our guide was cheerful and imparted tons of information on Irish history.

We reached Cliffs of Moher at around 12 in the noon and after disembarking from our bus we were given 90 mins to explore the place. We decided to tour the cliffs first and then visit the visitor center, so joined the other tourists who were walking uphill towards the north. There are two options as you can opt to walk either south, towards Hag’s Head or towards north where the  O’Brien’s tower  is located.  When we first sighted the cliff on our way and we went utterly speechless, stood there frozen just gaping at the majestic view.  Greedy enough for wanting to see more of this, we walked further towards the O’Brien’s tower which was built in 1835 by Sir Cornellius O’Brien, who was a local landlord and a Politician.

We decided to walk further up north from the tower in the narrow path along the cliff and the view of the rolling hills edged by the dramatic landscape of the verdure covered cliff which met blue ocean was simple fantastic. We found a spot perfect to sit down and enjoy the view and my muffin 😉 under the warm summer sun with cool breeze brushing our skin. The world looked so perfect from there, I wished I could spend more time here. After filling our heart and brain and of course the memory card with loads of images of the view we decided to walk towards the Visitor Center. We had a quick visit to the Cliff of Moher Visitor Center which houses audio-visual theatre, exhibition, a restaurant and retail areas.

Cliffs of Moher is a perfect place to plan a day trip from Dublin where you can spend whole day trekking along the cliffs or visit Burren National Park and Gallway.

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