Why you have to visit the beautiful Ireland!

Often known as the prettiest country in Europe, a visit to Ireland is a complete package for all kind of travelers. Adventure, romantic and fun-filled memories are what you should be expecting if you are planning a trip to Ireland. You can choose to explore this blazing green island either leisurely or jam-pack your itinerary, as there are a plethora of things to do here. Sit back and relax in one of their quaint countryside towns or plan an adventure out to explore the beautiful lush national parks, either way, you will be feeling the true essence of this beautiful country. It is just not the Islandโ€™s natural beauty that would amaze you, but their interesting history tells you a lot about the current cities and their culture.

Ireland has been through a rough time in the past and has been influenced by various cultures as it was invaded by Celts (around 300 BC), with the arrival of Saint Patrick and other Christian missionaries (early to mid 5th century). Vikingโ€™s invaded Ireland (at the end of 8th century) and found the current capital Dublin who was followed by the Norms (in the 12th century) and then the British. This has all added up and has framed the current culture of Ireland in one way or the other.

I loved Ireland for more than one reason and a few things came bit surprising, as I had not expected it all. So here are few things that you would do while visiting Ireland:

Hey, Irish countryside!!

Visit Ireland
On the banks of river Boyne!
Visit Ireland
Greenfield and thatch roof cottage!

From the rugged landscape of Barren to the green patch of endless fields and valleys Irish countryside looks as if it is straight out of a painting. For a person like me who love being outdoors especially in the countryside, Ireland has plenty of options. The sight of the dramatic landscape combined with cute thatch roof cottages is simply something one cannot miss to see while traveling to Ireland.

Visit Ireland

Visit Ireland
The rugged landscape of Burren National Park!

Unplanned drives

Visit Ireland
Baily Lighthouse!

The best way to explore the hidden gems of Ireland is by road and renting a car in Ireland as a tourist is pretty easy (but comes with a big bill!) and I must admit it is all worth it. So, rent a car and choose a random location or a city to drive down to. On one of our drives, we choose to drive towards the east tip of Ireland Howth and were totally taken by the beauty of the east coast and the charming small towns and beautiful villas we passed by.

Visit Ireland
View of Dublin from Howth cliff!

Visit Ireland

Visit Ireland
On our way to Howth

Rocky castles

Visit Ireland
Malahide Castle

Ireland is filled with beautiful castles blending perfectly with its picturesque gardens and lakes, some of them date back to medieval and Norman times. These castles are filled with interesting stories, surrounded by beautiful countryside and definitely spooks you out with its eerie interiors.

Visit Ireland
Ruins of Norman castle
Visit Ireland
Historic castles

Pub Hopping and Distilleries

Visit Ireland

Beers, pubs, and distilleries! Ireland is known for its beer brewing for centuries now, one would not be short of visiting the local pubs or taking a tour to their distilleries would not go waste. And pubs are the best place to wind up your day in Ireland as it is full of cheerful people drinking and dancing to the local Irish music.

Visit IrelandVisit Ireland

Quaint towns

Visit Ireland
Scenes from Malahide town

One of the most perfect ways to enjoy Irish summer is by visiting their quaint towns as it will be so refreshing and relaxing and it looks like a perfect picturesque gem filled with pretty shops and pubs and restaurants. If you are looking for a romantic getaway then no place is better than Irish towns, which is filled with beautiful sceneries and adorable thatch roof cottages to stay in.

Visit Ireland
Quite an interesting building in Galway!
Visit Ireland
Who would hesitate from lunching here!

Hope you guys enjoyed our post, do leave us a comment on your thoughts about Ireland and also do mention what other interesting things to do in Ireland!!

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