How to apply for Turkish visa for Indians!

As travelers, we always look for places which we can visit hassle free and when planning a trip to a foreign country first thing that comes to our mind is applying for a visa (after air tickets, of course). As we all Indians are aware we don’t have many options when it comes to “Visa on Arrival” and only handle full of countries issue e-visa. As I had mentioned in my previous post, our trip to Turkey was a random plan and since we had got cheap tickets our next step was to get the visa. And all thanks to the Turkish government, we got ours in less than 5 minutes.

There are two ways to apply visa to Turkey, one is the regular fill the form, apply and wait for days to get your visa and the other one is a quick and simple e-visa. Read along and know how to apply visa to enter into this beautiful country.

So, first let’s see how to get an e-visa:

You can apply for an e-visa service only if you hold a valid visitor visa (for Indians!) from a Schengen or any of the OECD country (US, UK, Australia etc.). Visit the visa application website, fill in the required information, once you are done with this you will be sent a link to validate your email address and after validation pay the visa fees of 43 USD per person (single entry) through the credit card. You will receive your e-visa immediately through the email, which is valid for a total period of 180 days and your stay in Turkey cannot exceed 30 days. Violla! That’s just too simple and quick as mentioned earlier, Isn’t it?

Also, remember:

  • Your passport should be valid throughout your stay
  • You also need to have a return ticket, hotel reservation and at least 50$ per each day.
  • Your purpose of visit must be purely tourism or business
  • You must also have your valid supporting document, i.e, the visa from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK and other OECD countries and e-visa is not accepted without this document.

Now let’s see how to apply for a visa if we don’t have a valid visit visa to Schengen or OECD countries.

VFS Global provides easy and smooth visa service and you can visit their website to know more about the service and visa requirements here.

Few documents which are mandatory to be submitted are:

  • A valid passport (valid for 6 months and must have 2 full blank pages), completely filled visa application form along with 2 white background photos (size: 2.5inch x 2.5inch).
  • Two photocopies of Passport first and last page.
  • If you are employed then original leave letter from the employer/ if self-employed then covering letter on personal business letterhead with authorized signatory, name and your designation with the company seal.
  • A valid attested copy of your bank statement showing the last three months transactions and adequate balance (1 lakh and above) to support you during your travel and stay in Turkey.
  • For the employed applicants, you have to provide your salary account and last three months salary slip (with original stamp and sign).
  • Travel and accommodation details:
    • Confirmation of the two-way flight tickets.
    • Confirmed hotel booking throughout your stay.
    • Travel itinerary.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Income tax return (last two years) and Form 16 (last one year).

You can find the visa application form on the VFS website.

Once you have all the supporting documents go to the VFS Global  Website (click here) and book an appointment at your nearest VFS office wherein you have to submit the signed application form (with the applicable fees in cash) along with the supporting documents and also go through the biometric test.

Usually, it takes about maximum 7 working days to receive the processed visa. After the submission, a tracking ID is provided via email/ text message through which you can check for updates on Visa status.

The fees for Turkish visa for single entry is Rs.4200 and for multiple entries is Rs.13,900. Additional to the visa fees, one will also have to pay service charges of Rs.800 (which is inclusive of VAT) while attending for the biometric test/ document submission at the visa application center.

We hope our visa application guide was helpful for you guys while planning your trip to Turkey. Do let us know your thoughts on the post in the comment below. Also, if you have already been to Turkey or have used their e-visa system, please share your tips and thoughts on this topic.




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